midterm immuno

  1. Components of the innate immune system cellular are
    mast cells, neutrophils, macrophages
  2. Components of innate humoral system
    complement,lysozyme, interferon
  3. Components of adaptive cellular
    T-B lymphocytes, plasma cells
  4. Components of adaptive humoral
    Antibodies, cytokines
  5. Active immunity can be acquired two ways
    Natural - infection, Artificial - vaccination
  6. Passive immunity can be acquired two ways
    Natural - mother to child Artificial - infusion of serum or plasma
  7. Of active and passive immunity which produce antibodies by the host
  8. Which cell T or B does not directly recognize the antigen __ and how does it recognize it
    T cell, MHC
  9. Delayed hypersensitivity synonymous with
    cell-mediated immunity
  10. Passive immunity does that give you long or short term immunity
    short. remember the child and mother her antibodies are short lived
  11. Which Ig part of the rection of immediate hypersensitivity
  12. The MHC is also referred to as
  13. In terms of antigens, the higher the molecular weiht the
    better it will function as an antigen
  14. what are haptens
    tiny molecules that bind to larger carrier molecules
  15. IgM is early Ab produced in immune response and largely confined to
    the blood
  16. The major Ab in normal serum is
  17. Predominent Ab in secretions, tears, saliva
    IgA synthesized by plasma cells
  18. The antigen binding portion of a molecule (N-terminal end) know as the ___ region
  19. Antibodies are specific glycoproteins referred to as
  20. The primary function of an antibody in body defense is to
    combine with antigen
  21. Exposure to the same antigen produces a memory response
    anamnestic response
  22. Affintiy is the
    initial force of attractio that exists between Fab site onn an antibody
  23. Avidity
    the functional combining strength of antibody with antigen
  24. types of bonding
    hydrophobic, hydrogen, van der waals, electrostatic forces
  25. What is agglutination
    particulate antigens aggregate to form larger complexes in the presence of a specific antibody
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