le mort d'arthur

  1. what creatures did arthur dream of
    Worms serpants and beasts
  2. Who comes to arthur in his dreams, and what is his purpose
    sir gawain, to warn him of his son
  3. What does arthurs dream mean
    to make a treaty with arthurs son
  4. what was the agreement made between arthur and mordred at the end of part one
    mordrid would have kent and cornwall and all of england after arthurs death
  5. What warning did both arthur and mordred issue to their soldiers
    to attack if they saw a sword pulled
  6. What kind of king is arthur
    he was a brave and good king
  7. what about the battle is exaggerated
    the number of people
  8. why does the battle begin the way it does
    one of the soldiers was bittin by a snake and pulled his sword to kill and starts the battle
  9. what are the religious beliefs of the time
  10. chrisianity
  11. When arthur and mordred faced each other in battle what was the outcome?
    arthor stabed mordrid with his spear and mordrid pulls himself to arthor and hits him in the head with his sword
  12. What request does arthur make of bedivere
    to throw excalibur in a body of water
  13. why is excalibur so important to king arthur
    it is magic , it made him king, the lady of the lake gave it to him
  14. what does arthur expect bedivere to see when he throws the sword
    somthing magical
  15. In addition to betraying king arthur what does bedivere betray by lying to his king
    his chivalry
  16. what does bediver risk by not listening to arthur
    the life of arthur
  17. what happended when bedivere finally throws excalibur into the water
    a hand grabed it and brandished it 3 times then it disapeared
  18. what is the mood of the story later on
  19. how does arthur comfort bedivere
    he tells him to comfort himself
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