Chapter Tests 1-3, 5 & 6

  1. ______ is the body of information that is learned throughout a lifetime of experience.
    Prior Knowledge
  2. _______ is an understanding of information.
  3. Effective readers divide the reading process into the following three phrases.
    • A. Before reading
    • B. During reading
    • C. After Reading
  4. There are four (4) types of ___________.
    Context clues
  5. Using context clues is a wise, or _______, reading method.
  6. List the four (4) tpes of context clues used in SAGE.
    • 1. Synonyms
    • 2. Antonyms
    • 3. General context
    • 4. Examples
  7. _______ help you see the shade of a word's meaning by showing you what the original is not.
  8. The _____ is the basic or main part of a word.
  9. The ______ is a group of letter with a specific meaning added to the beginning of a word (root) to make a new word.
  10. The _____ is a group of letters with a specific meaning added to the end of a word (root) to make a new word.
  11. In a dictionary, the words at the top of the page are _______.
    Guide Words
  12. The sounds of consonants and vowels are indicated by ________ symbols.
  13. A dictionary entry may also provide the ______, the history of the word.
  14. Each subject matter has its own ______ vocabulary.
  15. The ________ is the author's controlling point about a topic.
    Main Idea
  16. The ______ is a single sentence in a paragraph that states the author's main idea.
    Topic Sentence
  17. The _______ is the general subject matter of a reading passage.
  18. The topic can be stated in just a few _______.
  19. To identify the main idea ask yourself two ________: "What is the topic?" and "What is the author's controlling point about the topic?"
  20. When you ask the question "Who or what is the paragraph about?" you must be sure that your answer is neither too general nor too _____.
  21. _______ are specific ideas that develop, explain, or support the main idea.
    Supporting details
  22. The topic sentence can be place at the _______ of a paragraph, within a paragraph, or at the end of a paragraph.
  23. The _____ is the main idea of a passage made up of two or more paragraphs.
    Central Idea
  24. The _____ is a sentence that states a longer passage's central idea.
    Thesis statement
  25. _________ explain, develop, and illustrate a main idea.
    Supporting details
  26. To locate supporting details, an effective reader turns the main idea into a _________.
  27. One helpful question for locating a main idea is _______.
  28. A _________ directly explains, develops, or illustrates the major detail.
    Minor Detail
  29. A ______ directly explains, develops, or illustrates the main idea.
    Major Detail
  30. In a paragraph or passage, ideas usually flow from general to ___________ ideas.
  31. Creating a summary is an effective _________ activity.
    after reading
  32. A _________ is a brief, clear restatement of the most important points of a paragraph or passage.
  33. To _________ meant to restate the ideas in your own words.
  34. To create a summary after reading, you can _________ or mark your text ____________ by underlining main ideas and important supporting details and examples.
    Annotate; during readings
  35. An _____ shows the relationships among the main idea, major supporting details, and minor supporting details.
  36. An author often uses _______ such as a few causes. A number of reasons, several steps, or several kinds to introduce a main idea.
    Signal Words
  37. An author often uses signal words such as first, second, furthermore, moreover, next, or finally to indicate that a ______ is coming.
    Supporting detail
  38. A ______ uses Roman numerals to indicate the main idea, capital letters to indicate the major details, and Arabic numbers to indicate the minor details.
    Formal Outline
  39. A _________ is a diagram that shows the flow of ideas from the main idea to the supporting details.
    Concept Map
  40. SQ3R stands for ____________, Question, Read, Recite, Review.
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Chapter Tests 1-3, 5 & 6
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