neural transmission 2

  1. what is main function of neurons?
    generate and pass on electrical signals or action potentials
  2. all neurons have cell body (soma) and two types of projections:
    • dendrites
    • axons
  3. _______ recieves nerve signals (afferent) and ______ send them forward (efferent)
    • dendrites
    • axons
  4. axon hillock
    main source of electrical production
  5. cell membrane
    • skin of soma
    • create electrical impulses through inward flow of sodium ions and outward flow potassium ions
  6. micro/neurotubules
    transport neurotransmitter to synapse
  7. how is multiple sclerosis caused?
    build up of ion in brain which destroys myelin and reduces neural transmission
  8. what do mylin sheath do?
    speeds neural transmission
  9. what is neural propagation?
    rapid transmission electrical signals
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