Audio Engineering Final

  1. The angle between the left and right near field monitors should be
    60 degrees
  2. If the near field mons are placed directly on the console's meter bridge then _____ may occur at the listening position. How would you avoid this?
    Comb filtering. Decouple the monitors by placing foam underneath them
  3. Which meter is found of the MCI 2" tape machine
  4. Which meter is found on the D-command control surface?
  5. What does it mean when a piece of audio gear is set to unity gain
    input=output. it neither boosts nor attinuates the signal
  6. The panasonic DAT machine in the studio has this type of meter
  7. you have a +3 dB alignment tape you want to calibrate the 2 inch tape machinge to a +6dB op level. what should the VU meters read when playing back the tones?
  8. dig recorders are normally calibrated so that a steady tone at the recorder's nominal input level (0VU, +4 dBu) gives a reading somewhere between ____ dBFS.
    -20 and -12
  9. 0 dB on a magnetic tape is referenced to a flux level of
    185 nWb/m
  10. Input calibration is always done before output calibration
    True or False
  11. When calibrating the DAT machine with our analog console, 0VU on the console should equal ____ on the DAT
    -12 dBFS
  12. DAT tape with 2 mixes. 1st track contains 30 secs of a 1kHz tone. the DAT label reads, Track 1: 1kHz @ -18 dBFS= 0 VU. The mastering eng would then calibrate the (input or output) levels of the DAT machine to read (+4, 0, or -18) VU while playing back the 1kHz tone.
    • output
    • +4
  13. which PT interfaces can be calibrated?
    192 I/O HD
  14. calibration Mode is found in which PT menu?
  15. Which menu allows the user to be able to set the 0VU reference level?
    • Preferences > Operation
    • Misc.
  16. The PT rig in the studio is set up so that ____ VU = ____ dBFS
    • 0
    • -18
  17. how many different op levels can be stored on the studio's PT rig?
    2 at a time.
  18. In which menu would you be able to change btwn the stored op levels?
    Setup > Hardware
  19. when mixing tracks in PT through an analog console, in order to insure proper gain structureing the faders in PT should be set ___ dB
  20. when mixing tracks in PT thru an analog console, in order to insure proper gain structuring, the line amps on the console should be set to ____ dB 9 assuming the tracks were recorded with proper levels.
  21. Which meter indicates the RMS measurement of the signal's amplitude.
  22. dBFS =
    Decibles Full Scale
  23. HPF EQ curve
  24. LPF EQ curve
  25. BPF EQ curve
  26. Which of the following EQ circuts would be passive?
  27. which freq bands causes listening fatigue at excess levels?
    6000-16000 Hz
  28. freq band controls the "brilliance" of a mix
    6000-16000 Hz
  29. too much emphasis on this freq band can create sibilance on a vocal
  30. too much emphasis on this freq causes mix to sound boomy
    60-360 Hz
  31. PT record modes
    • Destructive
    • Loop
    • Normal
    • Track Punch
  32. rec mode allows to arm and disarm tracks while playback is engaged?
    Track punch
  33. record mode conserves disk space
  34. Rec mode in HD only
    Track punch
  35. If a stereo aud track is rec armed, and the record mode is set to quick punch, how many voices are being sed by the stereo aud track?
    4 voices
  36. quick key to change record mode
    Control click record button
  37. menu to change record mode
  38. Audition loop recorded takes in PT
    CMD click on the region with the selector tool
  39. six elements of a great mix
    • Balance
    • Frequency
    • Dynamics
    • Depth
    • Interest
    • Pan
  40. Balance
    • The volume level relationship between musical elements
    • nothing is too loud or quiet
  41. Frequency Range
    • Having all frequencies properly represented
    • No 2 instruments are taking up the same freq band or masking
  42. Panorama
    • placing a musical element in the soundfield
    • everything in the mix is spread out to make it seen wider
  43. dimension
    adding ambience to a musical element
  44. Dynamics
    Controlling the volume envelope of a track or instrument
  45. Interest
    Making the mix special, or a focal point
  46. M/S micing distinct feature
    ability to change stereo spread by adjusting level (mix) of the 2 mics
  47. Near coincident mic techniques include
    NOS and ORTF
  48. when micing an ensemble phase problems can occur if:
    multiple mics are used at vaying distances from the ensemble
  49. When using a spaced pair technique, if the mics are 3 ft from the sound source, they shoud be ____ ft apart from each other
    • 9
    • 1:3 ratio
  50. which stereo mic technique utilizes 2 mics crossed at a 90 deg angle
    XY and NOS
  51. Stereo mic technique utilizes 2 cardiods at a 110 deg angle
  52. Sets the amount of attenuation on a gate
  53. An Upward expander would
    Raise the level of signal above threshold
  54. In order to create a gated room mic sound, where the snare drum triggers the gate on the frum room track, the I/O of the gate would be inserted on the snare channel. True or False
  55. In order to crate a desser, the side chain (or Key) input of the comp should be patched from the main (un Eq'd) vocal channel. true or false
  56. a dummy head used for binaural recording would use pressure type or gradient mics?
    Pressure type
  57. A mic with selectable pick up patterns (eg AKG 414) would be classified as a pressure gradient. true or false?
  58. What are some of the cues used to localize sounds? 3
    • Frequency
    • Intensity
    • Phase
  59. In-line (ie Insert) patching would most likely be used on which of the following devices?
    • Symmetrix Gate
    • dBX Compressor
  60. The pan knob on a console relies on this cue to localize sounds
  61. A plate reverb would most likely be patched in using the insert points on the patch bay. true or false
  62. If a sound plays out of both left and right loud speakers at the same intensity, but is delayed slightley on the left side, which side would the sound appear to come from for a listener seated in the center of the two speakers
  63. which would be best at removing low level background noise or bleed from a track?
  64. which of the following would apply when documenting a recording done to a digital hard disk recorder?
    -Bit depth
    -Tape Speed
    Bit Depth
  65. The rate setting on an LFO affects the
  66. How fast the signal stops being attenuated on a compressor is called
  67. Which of the following delay times would be considered tape delay?
  68. A gate stays closed until a signal passes above the key/ trigger threshold. T or F
  69. which of the following is NOT a popular stereo buss compressor?
    -Fairchild 670
    -SSL stereo compressor
    -Neve 33609
    -dbx 160 A
    dbx 169
  70. which of the following compressors have automatic attack and relaease times?
    -dbx 166
    -all of the above
    all of the above
  71. Used to create a desser
    compressor and EQ
  72. A limiter would have a ratio of 10:1 and ________
  73. In order to have a tone generator play only when the kick drum plays, patch the channel into the key input of the gate. T or F
  74. This parameter sets the amplitude at which attenuation begins
    -key listen
  75. Hold param most likely found on a ____
  76. in order for tape slap to work, the tape machine must be recording and set to
    repro mode
  77. what would patching a multi track recorder output to a console channel line input be considered?
    cross patch
  78. which menu contains the delay compensation engine settings
    setup >playback engine
  79. insert delays are entered in which timescale?
  80. if you had 2 mics on a guitar amp and wanted to record them to 1 track, you would have to use which console outputs?
    buss out
  81. would change acoustics in a studio
  82. On PT HD system, placing ____ plug-ins after ____ plug-ins on a track's inserts will result in increased latency and use of one extra voice per track
    RTAS after TDM
  83. which 2 types of tracks on HD system should you avoid inserting RTAS on due to increases latency?
    Aux and Master Faders
  84. 5 things to include when documenting a sound in a recording session
    • Instrument
    • mic type
    • recorder used
    • outboard settings
    • cables used
  85. Decca setup
    • X
    • | 1.5meters
    • X-------------------------X
    • 2meters

    • Ch1 Ch2
    • L R
  86. what is the Haas effect
    precedence effect, describes the human psychoacoustic phenomena of correctly identifying the direction of a sound source heard in both ears but arriving at different times. Due to the head's geometry (two ears spaced apart, separated by a barrier) the direct sound from any source first enters the ear closest to the source, then the ear farthest away. The Haas Effect tells us that humans localize a sound source based upon the first arriving sound, if the subsequent arrivals are within 25-35 milliseconds. If the later arrivals are longer than this, then two distinct sounds are heard. The Haas Effect is true even when the second arrival is louder than the first (even by as much as 10 dB.).
  87. what does the Haas Zone mean?
  88. How fast the signal is attenuated once it goes above the threshold ( on a comp) is called?
  89. pumping on a compressor can result from hins param being set too fast
  90. a downward expander would
    reduce the level of signals below threshold
  91. I/O inserts in PT are typically used for
    Outboard dynamic processors
  92. I/O sends in PT are typically used for
    Outboard time based effects
  93. The delay compensation engine settings are found in the
    Playback engin
  94. HW buffer size settings affect TDM plugin usage T or F
  95. NY comp is setup using FX send or side chain routing T or F
  96. A 4:1 compressor ratio means for every 1 dB of increase at input, you get 4 dB at the output T or F
  97. Blumlein mic setup
    2 Bidirectional mics
  98. What patterns are used in MS micing?
    Cardiod and Bidirectional (fig 8)
  99. XY micing
    2 cardioids with capsules crossed
  100. Blumlein
    2 fig 8s
  101. NOS
    2 cardioids 90 deg apart with backs touchig
  102. ORTF
    110 deg apart with backs touching
  103. why cant the full effect of binaural recording be reproduced over loud speakers?
    your face blocks the sound from reaching your ears at the exact same time
  104. pick up patterns associated with binaural recordings?
  105. how to decode an MS mic signal
    side mic fiq 8 pan L and ch 1. then copied to ch 2 panned R. the mid mic panned center is cardioid and sent to ch3. flip phase on side ch2 mic and bring up th pan ch1 to widen out the sound
  106. 3:1 rule helps to
    maintain phase coherency
  107. a spot mic on a classical recording would be placed farther than the critical distance form the orchestra t or f
  108. MS sounds same playedback in mono or stereo? T or F
  109. which freqs are more difficult for humans to localize?
    Lows because they have longer wavelengths and are able to bend around barriers
  110. localize sound
    raised and lowered the freq and notched out freqs
  111. comb filtering
    when 2 signal have timing delays causing phase cancellation at various freqs when played together.
  112. Mix documentation 3 parts
    • Console settings
    • patch bay
    • outboard gear settings
  113. 2 mics on a gtr amp and want to record them to 1 track,
    Buss out
  114. Monitor the GL 2400 select
    ST 1
  115. menu to enable control surface for use with HD system
    Setup >peripherals
  116. order of gear when turned on
    • 1- D-command
    • 2- Synch I/O
    • 3-Interfaces
    • 4-X-mon
    • 5-Computer
    • 6-Monitors
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