PHYS2 Midterm

  1. What is the name of the nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord?
    Central nervous system
  2. Pain and temperature are conducted by the
    Spinothalamic tract
  3. The PNS contains (2):
    • - Sensory nerves
    • - Motor nerves
  4. The reticular formation functions to (2):
    • - Filter sensory impulses
    • - Arouse the cerebral cortex into wakefulness
  5. The occipital lobe:
    Interprets visual senses
  6. Which of the following nerves conducts impulses into the brain or spinal cord from peripheral parts of the body?
    Afferent nerves
  7. Which vital reflex centers are located in the brain stem?
    • - Cardiac center
    • - Vasomotor center
    • - Respiratory center
  8. General somatic afferent fibers conduct:
    Sensory impulses from receptors in the skin and skeletal muscles
  9. Which of the following is a function of the cerebellum?
    Coordinates muscles activity and maintains posture
  10. The hypothalamus controls all of the following (3):
    • - Body temperature
    • - Hunger
    • - Sleep
  11. The following are parts of the brainstem (3):
    • - Mid-brain
    • - Pons
    • - Medulla oblongata
  12. Which type of receptor detects pain?
  13. What part of the brain controls emotional experience and expression?
    Limbic system
  14. Which of the following receptor detects change in the tension of muscles and tendons?
  15. Which type of receptor detects light touch?
    Meissner's corpuscle
  16. Where is the primary motor area of the brain located?
    Frontal lobe (Anterior to the central sulcus)
  17. Where is the primary sensory area of the brain located?
    Parietal lobes (Posterior to the central sulcus)
  18. What does the Broca's area of the brain control?
  19. What lobe(s) interpret the sense of touch/temp/pressure?
    Parietal lobes
  20. Vision is interpreted by what lobe(s)?
  21. Hearing is interpreted by what lobe(s)?
  22. What does the limbic system control?
    Basic emotional drive
  23. What does the medulla oblongata control?
    Vital visceral activities
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PHYS2 Midterm
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