Women and Gender Ch. 1

  1. Why have men been the main producers of knowledge about the world and women’s/men’s place in it?
    • -They are perceived as dominant
    • - Women never got a say
  2. Categories of ‘symbolic media (pp. 24-25), personal examples
    • -Language
    • -Myths
    • -Fantasies
    • -Cultural imagery
  3. Five themes of predominant imagery of women, examples, effect of these images on women
    and men
    • frightening females
    • Males- afraid of women, can’t see women after certain rituals
    • Females-used to have matriarchy , feel dominant

    • Venerated Madonnas
    • Men- are sometimes worshiped
    • Women-make men ( and children ) feel happy & successful/ “good woman”

    • sex objects
    • Men – like it
    • Women– degrading

    • earth mothers
    • men- not seen as more apart of nature than women
    • women- “natural” being closer to nature than men.Have been consigned to a lower status

    • invisible women
    • Men- didn’t include women in political means
    • Women-simply are not there
  4. How does social imagery provide a rationalization for the social order?
    Social imagery provides a rationalization for the real social order.The social distancing established by the notion of women as “other” provides an excuse for the actual devaluation of women, for the treatment of women as less than human, for exploitation and abuse, and for the denial of their rights to self-determination
  5. What are the three ‘tiers’ of women’s oppression?
    • Economic
    • Political
    • Ideological
  6. In what ways do women artists contribute to imagery construction and female identities?
    Creative arts -Literature,drama, poetry, painting, sculpture, and music
  7. How does each provide an example of ‘search for self’ through art?
    They are the creation of imagery which we can see, express and order the world
  8. Other examples of feminist artists provided in this chapter.
    • Christiane Amanpour
    • ( reporter from the front lines )
  9. Why is the ‘search for self’ a ‘luxury’ for few women in the world?
    Majority of women haven’t been taught to use their critical faculties and have little self-esteem and few ways to develop it apart fromsociety’s narrowly approved means
  10. What does it mean to ‘be whole’ (p. 43).
    • -To have public support
    • -Taking pride in one’s self, Not ashamed, awkward, limited because of less than “perfect” shape
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