BA Quiz

  1. What is the minimum role of a stage one BA Entry Control Officer?

    A Watch manager
    B Crew manager star
    C Crew manager
    D Firefighter

    D Firefighter
  2. What is the minimum role of a stage two BA Entry Control Officer?

    A Firefighter
    B Crew manager
    C Crew manager star
    D Watch manager
    B Crew manager
  3. What is the minimum role of the person in charge of BA Main Control?

    A Crew manager
    B Watch manager A
    C Watch manager B
    D Station manager
    D Station manager
  4. What are your immediate actions as Entry Control Officer if a BA team have not reported back to you before their time of whistle?

    A Attempt to contact the BA Team leader by radio
    B Commit crew to re-establish communications
    C Inform incident commander
    D Inform incident commander and commit nominated emergency crew
    D Inform incident commander and commit nominated emergency crew
  5. As an Entry Control Officer how do you record the fact that a fire ground ‘A’ test has been carried out?

    A Record “fire ground ‘A’ test on set number XXX” on the back of the entry control board
    B Record “‘A’ Test not recorded” in the remarks column of the BA board
    C Record “‘A’ Test not recorded” on the back of relevant BA tally
    D Record details of test in BA log book on return to station
  6. What information is recorded on the rear of a BA tally?

    A EPD reading IN:OUT and GTCPS number
    B EPD reading IN:OUT and comms call sign
    C GTCPS number and comms call sign
    D EPD reading IN:OUT and Fire ground ‘A’ test carried out
  7. You are at an incident requiring BA. You have worn your set, completed a fire ground ‘A’ Test and worn again. You are then asked by the incident commander to ‘A’ test your set and recommit to the incident, what should you do?

    A Carry out a further fire ground ‘A’ test and report to the entry control officer for further duties.
    B Inform the incident commander that you have already carried out one fire ground ‘A’ test and that you are not allowed to wear the set again.
    C If you feel fit and well, complete a further ‘A’ test and report to the entry control officer for further duties
    D Complete a ‘B’ test and report to the entry control officer ensuring that “‘B’ test not recorded” is recorded in the remarks column
  8. How is a BA team radio call sign constructed?

    A Wearers name, appliance, 3 or 4
    B Station name, appliance, 3 or 4
    C Wearers name, appliance, 1 or 3
    D Station name, appliance, 1 or 3
  9. What action should an Entry Control Officer take on hearing a Bodyguard ADSU alarm sound from an incident?

    A Inform incident commander and contact BA team by radio
    B Inform incident commander and commit nominated emergency team
    C Attempt to confirm if actuation of Bodyguard ADSU alarm is genuine
    D Commit crews to investigate the Bodyguard ADSU alarm
  10. Which of the following situations would NOT require stage 2 entry control procedures?

    A Committing BA crews into Hi-Ex foam
    B Committing BA emergency teams
    C Committing crews in line of sight in GTCPS
    D Committing crews in EDBA
  11. You are the Entry Control Officer when a distress to wearer is reported, which of the following must you do?

    A Impound the set as per the guidance in the aide memoire
    B Give the DTW aide memoire to the officer nominated by the incident commander who will deal with the set
    C Assist comms operator in following guidance in the aide memoire
    D Record the number of turns required to close the cylinder valve
  12. What is the minimum pressure required for a 2nd set?

    A 160 Bar
    B 170 Bar
    C 180 Bar
    D 200 Bar
  13. When committing an emergency crew with a 2nd set, the second set must have?

    A The BA tally must be left on the set
    B The Bodyguard key must be left in ADSU
    C The second set carrying bag must be available
    D The 1 metre length of air supply hose must be connected to the set
  14. Does a BA set require testing before use as a 2nd set?

    A Yes
    B Yes, but only if set was not tested at change of watch
    C No
    D Yes, but only when 2nd set is an EDBA set
  15. A 2nd set operator in an emergency team is connecting to a recipients BA set using the 1 metre air supply hose. Which of the following statements is true?

    A Open cylinder valve before connecting 1 metre airline to recipients set
    B Connect 1 metre airline to recipients set then open cylinder valve
    C Always connect to the shoulder auxiliary connector
    D Connect 1 metre airline to the recipients set, open cylinder valve and purge face mask with additional flow button
  16. If a low pressure warning whistle actuates on the 2nd set during an exchange of air what should the second set operator do?

    A Reconnect 2nd set to recipient
    B Check that main valve is fully open
    C Ignore Low pressure warning whistle. Due to the design of the Draeger PA94 set this is normal
    D Connect their set to the recipients set
  17. When following exchange of air procedures, which of the following statements is NOT true?

    A Donor connects recipients in line connector to their ‘Y’ piece auxiliary supply connector
    B Donor removes blank cap
    C Once exchange of air is complete donor should be standing to the left of recipient
    D If insufficient air is available to exit scene of operations both BA wearers should go into entrapped procedure
  18. Once an exchange of air has been completed, whose ADSU should be operated?

    A Both ADSU’s must be actuated
    B The recipient
    C The donor
    D The donor and recipient must decide which ADSU is to be actuated but only one ADSU must be actuated.
  19. If air escapes from the ‘Y’ piece auxiliary supply connector during an exchange of air what must you do?

    A Immediately adopt entrapped procedure
    B Reset valve by pulling back collar on donor’s ‘Y’ piece auxiliary supply connector and reconnecting recipients inline connector
    C Attempt to exit scene of operations
    D Connect to waistline auxiliary connector
  20. When you have adopted entrapped procedure what must you NOT do?

    A Reassure BA partner whilst keeping speech and movement to a minimum
    B Assume a seated position and relax as much as possible
    C Adjust cylinder valve to reduce air flow
    D Keep all personal torches switched on
  21. Once your SDBA low pressure warning whistle has begun to sound, approximately how long will your air supply last for at a consumption rate of 50 litres per minute?

    A 9 minutes
    B 12 minutes
    C 15 minutes
    D 18 minutes
  22. What sound indicates a low battery warning signal on a Bodyguard ADSU?

    A Continuous siren
    B Intermittent siren
    C Continuous bleep
    D Intermittent bleep
  23. Whilst committed in BA what should you do if the low battery signal operates on your Bodyguard ADSU?

    A Withdraw immediately and replace battery
    B Continue task and replace battery as soon as possible
    C Inform incident commander and withdraw
    D Sound ADSU and withdraw, ensuring distress to wearer procedures are initiated with the BAECO
  24. When carrying out a cylinder acceptance test what must you NOT do?

    A Check physical condition of cylinder
    B Inspect the valve group
    C Crack the cylinder valve to remove debris
    D Check cylinder pressure
  25. When should BA be worn?

    A At all fire and CBRN incidents
    B When the incident commander deems that there is a risk of respiratory injury or discomfort
    C When a crew member wants to wear BA after he/she has completed a dynamic risk assessment
    D When tactical mode Oscar has been declared

    What is the “working duration” of a BA set?
  26. A The time between starting up a BA set and the turn around time.
    • B The time between the turn around time and low pressure warning whistle
    • C The time between starting up the BA set and the operation of the low pressure warning whistle
    • D The time between donning the BA set and the operation of the low pressure warning whistle
  27. How long should a set be worn for when completing a 28 day test?

    A A minimum wear of 10 minutes during training
    B Minimum of 15 minutes at an incident or under controlled conditions
    C Minimum of 15 minutes under controlled conditions
    D Minimum of 20 minutes under controlled conditions
  28. When should an “A” test be carried out?

    A When taking over as wearer of a set
    B When taking over as wearer of a set or after a cylinder change
    C At change of watch
    D When taking over as wearer of a set, after a cylinder change or after use
  29. When should a “B” test be carried out?

    A On receipt, after use or after a cylinder change
    B On receipt, after use or after 28 day test
    C On receipt
    D On receipt or after 28 day test

    As a BA wearer which of the following is NOT a requirement when monitoring working duration?
  30. A Undertake regular gauge checks to monitor consumption
    • B Withdraw when Bodyguard indicate 5 minutes to whistle
    • C Return to entry control point before the operation of low pressure warning whistle
    • D Monitor partners air consumption

    During training or at an incident which of the following would constitute a distress to wearer?
  31. A BA wearer becoming distressed and disoriented
    • B A malfunction of the wearers BA set that deprives them of air
    • C BA wearer going into entrapped procedure
    • D BA wearer being overcome by the effect of heat exhaustion
  32. Offering assistance to BA wearers in distress should take priority over the work in hand. Which of the following statements would NOT be a consideration?

    A Do you have sufficient reserves of air and stamina to effect rescue
    B Consider silencing the ADSU alarms to prevent other crews from becoming distracted
    C Whether or not team is already committed to a rescue
    D The need to protect escape routes
  33. Under what circumstances is it acceptable to wear BA without setting up entry control?

    A When BA wearers are operating in line of sight
    B When only one BA wearer is required to tackle a small fire in the open air
    C Under no circumstances, entry control procedures must always be implemented when wearing BA
    D When a snatch rescue is necessary and nobody is available to undertake the duties of BAECO.
  34. How long is a fully extended personal line?

    A 1.25 metres
    B 3.75 metres
    C 6 metres
    D 5 metres
  35. Which of the following circumstances would NOT necessarily require guidelines?

    A When no other means exists to trace the way out of an incident
    B When entering a compartment filled with Hi-Ex foam
    C At a subsurface incident when there is no hose between the base control point and the bridgehead
    D When entering a large smoke logged premises
  36. When should a branch guideline be used?

    A When there is a need to search more than 6 metres off a main guideline
    B When extending a main guideline
    C When searching a compartment off a guideline
    D When extending an existing branch guideline
  37. How many guideline tallies are there in a BA control board?

    A 2 x Main guideline tallies and 4 x Branch guideline tallies
    B 2 x Main guideline tallies
    C 3 x Main guideline tallies
    D 1 Guideline tally and 1 branch guideline tally

    How many guidelines can be used from an entry control point?
  38. A 1 main guideline and 2 branch guidelines
    • B 2 main guidelines and 4 branch guidelines
    • C 4 main guidelines and 2 branch guidelines
    • D As many as are required to resolve the incident
  39. What are the advantages of the BA team leader being the only person attached to a guideline?

    A Slows down movement on the guideline ensuring a methodical search
    B Allows a BA team to search up to 9.75 metres from the guideline
    C Only the team leader need unhook and hook on at tie off points
    D Ensures all team members stay within 1.25 metres of the guideline
  40. How long is a BA Guideline?

    A 60 metres
    B 45 metres
    C 70 metres
    D 30 metres
  41. What is the maximum distance a team of three can search off a BA guideline using personal lines?

    A 1.25 metres
    B 6 metres
    C 3.75 metres
    D 18 metres
  42. A BA crew has been committed to search a building. You are part of a further BA crew committed to protect an exit with a jet. What would you do if you heard repeated short blasts on a whistle?

    A Withdraw immediately and report to the entry control officer
    B Lash off branch and withdraw to entry control officer
    C Maintain position until crew committed has withdrawn then withdraw to entry control officer
    D Enter protected exit to get BA crews out
  43. If an emergency evacuation takes place what action should firefighters take?

    A Repeat the signal, withdraw to a safe place and assemble at the booking-in point for a roll call.
    B Assemble at your appliance and wait for the appliance commander to record your presence on Nominal Roll Board
    C Find fellow watch members and report to your watch officer for roll call
    D Repeat signal and assemble at the BA entry control point for roll call
  44. When might a firefighter send a firefighter emergency message?

    A When the incident command team are unable to send the message
    B Anytime
    C When operating as a Comms officer at a BA entry control point
    D Never; the fire fighter emergency message must always be sent from the incident commander
  45. When can a roll call be carried out during an incident?

    A At anytime when it is thought necessary by the incident commander
    B Only following an emergency evacuation
    C Always following a tactical withdrawal
    D When a Bodyguard ADSU alarm has been activated
  46. What is the definition of a tactical withdrawal?

    A Crews repositioned to a safe place to recommence firefighting
    B Crews removed from a specific danger in a safe, planned manner that does not require an emergency evacuation
    C Crews removed from a specific danger, a roll call is taken, firefighting recommences
    D Crews removed form incident ground because of acts of aggression
  47. Which of the following would be defined as a firefighter emergency?

    A An emergency evacuation as taken place
    B All situations where BA emergency crews have been committed
    C All situations where firefighters are unaccounted for.
    D All situations where firefighters have been injured on the incident ground and are likely to be removed by LAS for further treatment.
  48. Following a firefighter emergency an informative message should be sent as soon as possible. What should NOT be included?

    A Number of persons unaccounted for or in need of rescue
    B Details of action being taken
    C Name, watch and station of Firefighters involved
    D Description of the circumstances
  49. If whilst committed in BA you witnessed a partial collapse what message would you send?

    A Priority firefighter emergency
    B Priority message informing entry control of what you had witnessed
    C Change to channel 1 and send priority message to incident commander
    D Priority message ordering a tactical withdrawal
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