1. Types of Mass Medium
    • Internet
    • Print
    • Television
    • Radio
  2. Define: Gatekeeping
    Process through which information is filtered for dissemination, be it publication, broadcasting, internet, or other communication
  3. Major challenger to traditional media outlets
    Internet, with respect to gatekeeping functions
  4. Original purpose of news on internet
    • To gain access to print media stories
    • Just replicated print stories
  5. When was first time internet news beat traditional media?
    The Lewinski/Clinton affair, 1998
  6. "Birth" of bloggers was when...?
    When Trent Lott had to resign in 2002
  7. Bloggers v. "Traditional" Media
    Traditional-neutral and detached tone, try to give an objective view of news

    Blogs-personalized and opinionated tone, evolve over time, and can be supplemented by blog readers
  8. T/F: Internet is viewed as a credible source now.
  9. What makes internet media unique?
    • hyperlinks connect websites
    • can provide much more context
    • provides much wider perspective
  10. Who coined the term "Global Village"?
    Marshall McLuhan, 1962
  11. Define: Global Village
    World had "shrunk" due to technology and the interconnectedness of internet. Turned from world into a localized village
  12. The "Media Ecological View" refers to...
    how interpersonal communication is altered when moving from a face-to-face comm to computer-mediated comm
  13. What is FTF communication?
    Face-to-face communication
  14. What is CMC communication?
    Computer-mediated communication
  15. What is a downside to virtual communities?
    Easier for people to be deceptive
  16. Different deceptions in virtual communities
    • "Flaming"
    • Spam
    • Identity Theft
    • Pedophiles
  17. Define: "Flaming"
    Hostile and insulting interaction through internet
  18. Mass media has been replacing interpersonal comm as what?
    A socializing force
  19. Mass media has developed what in terms of a community?
    A pseudo community
  20. Mass media also creates the allusion of FTF comm called what?
    A para-social relationship
  21. An example of social media
    • Facebook
    • Myspace
    • Twitter
    • Etc.
  22. Define: Social Media
    An "umbrella" concept that descrbves social software and social networking
  23. What is a major way people meet and interact with each other/
    Social media
  24. Social media can be seen as ____________ media.
  25. Define: Social Capital
    The cooperation between two or more individuals
  26. Six ways to conceptualize an "electronic presence"
    • Social richness (channels of comm)
    • Presence as visual realism (computer graphics)
    • Presence as transportation (travelign across space)
    • Presence as immersion (perceptual space)
    • Presence as a social actor within a medium (avatars and actions)
    • Presence as a medium as a social actor (anthropomorphism of technology)
  27. /What is the number one human fear?
    Public speaking
  28. What is McLuhan's idea of "The Medium is the Message"?
    • The channel of the comm influences the substance of the comm
    • The media manipulates how we see ourselves, others, society, and the world
  29. Define: Hot Media
    Provide relatively complete sensory data-fosters passivity

    Ex: radio, printed materials, photos
  30. Define: Cool Media
    These demand involvement from audience

    Ex:Telephone, FTF interaction
  31. Define: Mass Media
    Channels of amss communication--the means of transmitting messages to broad audiences

    Ex:Books, film, television
  32. Define: Social Media
    Means of connecting and interacting actively
  33. What are the two basic components of Agenda Setting Theory?
    • Power of press
    • Individual thought
  34. What is the Agenda Setting Theory?
    News media has a large influence on the audience
  35. Agenda Stting Theory rises and falls on what?
    • Ability to show a match between:
    • Media's agenda
    • Public's agenda at a later date
  36. What do we form relationships for?
    attraction, rewards, and intimacy
  37. intimacy in relationships can be ________ and ________.
    emotional and financial
  38. Mutuality of Definition
    When each person in a relationship sees roles enacted the same way as the other individual sees
  39. What are the types of dialectical tension?
    • openness/closedness
    • noveltly/predictability
    • autonomy/connection
  40. Benign neglect
    • one person in relationship ignores other person without realizing it
    • "comm efforts become lax as relationship settles into comfortable familiarity"
  41. Male Standpoint
    • intimacy only needs to be established once
    • relationships are for status or power
  42. Female Standpoint
    • intimacy needs to be reestablished
    • relationships are not for status or power
  43. What is the group decision making skill used for creativity?
  44. What are the three key variables to group work?
    • input
    • process
    • output
  45. What was the group that dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  46. Who dealt with the JFK assassination?
    Warren commission
  47. What is the first thing a group does?
    identify and define the problem
  48. Interdependent thinking
    • term for "sharing of knowledge"
    • reason groups are used
  49. Analysis Paralysis
    if a group has too many procedures to follow, it can fall victim to this
  50. A frequent constraint to group decision making is:
    information underload
  51. Agenda Setting Theory is based on idea that...
    media tells people how to act and in many cases they do
  52. What are the four crucial variables to understanding media?
    • selection
    • emphasis
    • exclusion
    • elaboration
  53. What is the basis for uses and gratification theory?
    People have the ability for independent and critical thinking
  54. How many women are stalked each year?
    1 million
  55. What was internet mainly used for in the early days?
    gaining access to print media stores
  56. The "digital divide" refers to...?
    the gap between people who use/have internet and those who don't
  57. What is a key difference between traditional print and digital media?
    Digital can provide hyperlinks
  58. What is one downside to internet?
    Great hunting ground for predators
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