The Female reproductive system

  1. Hyster/o
  2. Metr/o
  3. metri/o
  4. uter/o
  5. cervic/o
  6. mamm/o
  7. galact/o
  8. lact/o
  9. gynec/o
  10. salping/o
    fallopian tube
  11. oophor/o
  12. ovari/o
  13. vagin/o
  14. vagina
  15. amni/o
  16. men/o
  17. nat/o
  18. perine/o
  19. episi/o
  20. gynecology
    the study of disease of the female reproductive system
  21. gynecologist
    physician specillized in diseases of the female reproductive system
  22. obstetrics
    The study of conditions related to pregnancy
  23. obstetrician
    physician who takes care of women before, during and immediately after delivery
  24. neonate
    A baby during the first four weeks of life
  25. neonatologist
    physician specialized in diseases of neonates
  26. endometriosis
    precence of endometrial tissue in areas outside th uterus
  27. fibroids
    benign tumors in the uterus formed of muscle and fibrous tissues
  28. vaginitis
    inflamation of the vagina
  29. Endocervicitis
    inflamation of the lining of the cervix
  30. Pelvic Inflamation Disease (PID)
    Inflamation of the uterus, Tubes, Ovaries and other pelvic organs
  31. Dyspareunia
    paind during sexual intercourse
  32. Vaginismus
    painful spasm of the vagina and surrounding muscle
  33. infertility
    inabilaty to produce offspring (babies)
  34. pyosalinx
    Accumulation of pus in the follopian tube
  35. menarche
    The beginning of menstrual function the first menstrual period
  36. menopause
    The end of the meinstrual function permanent stoping of menstruation
  37. Amenorrhea
    absence of menstruation
  38. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation (cramping)
  39. oligamenorrhea
    scanty menstruation flow
  40. metorrhagia
    uterine bleeding (not related to periods)
  41. menometrorrhagia
    irregular excessive bleeding during and between menstrual periods
  42. Gonorrhea
    caused by bacteria

    Charecterized by greenish yellow discharge
  43. chlamedia
    • chronic Desease
    • caused by bacteria
    • if not treated it spreads to other organs can be fetal
  44. thrichomoniasis
    • caused by a protozone
    • leads to frothy discharge w/ a bad odor
  45. Genital herpes
    Caused by hepes simplex virus type 2 appears as blisters on the genital organs
  46. Genital Warts
    Caused by human papiilloma virus increased the risk of cancer
  47. Acquired immunodeficency syndrome (AIDS)
    Caused by human Immunedeficency virus(HIV) the Virus attacks the immune sytem leads to loss of immunity.
  48. Gravida
    pregnant woman
  49. Primigravida
    Woman that gave birth to one or more living baby
  50. Multigravida
    Woman who has been pregnant more than once
  51. Multipara
    woman who gave birth to more than one baby.
  52. dystocia
    difficult labor
  53. partuition
    process of giving birth
  54. ectopic pregnancy
    pregnancy outside the uterus
  55. Eclapsia
    toxemia during pregnancy
  56. placenta previa
    an abdmormal position of the placenta where it is attached near the cervix may caused ante-partum hemorrhage
  57. pelvimetry
    measurement of the pelvic dimensions to determine the possibility of vaginal delivery
  58. puerperium
    period of 42 days after giving birth
  59. amniocentesis
    puncture of the amniotic
  60. colposcopy
    visual examitaion of the vagina and cervix using a clposcope
  61. laparoscopy
    visual examination of the abdominal cavity using laparascope
  62. endome trialbiopsy
    tissue sample from the cervix. for cytological study. used for eartly diagnosis of cancer in the cervix
  63. mammography
    Radiographic exam of the breast
  64. hysteroalpingography
    radiographic exam of the uterus and uterine
  65. ultrasonography
    examination using ultra sound
  66. hysterectomy
    surgical removal of the uterus
  67. abdominal hysterectomy
    surgical removal ofa fallopian tube and the ovary
  68. total hysterectomy bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
    removal of the uterus, tube & ovaries
  69. myomectny
    sufical removal of a fibroid tumor from the uterus
  70. cesarean sectin
    a surgical procedure to delivery babies through an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus
  71. episiotomy
    making an incision in the culva & perineum during childbirth to enlarge the vaginal opening
  72. episiorrhaphy
    surgical suture of an episioptomy
  73. Conization
    surgical removal of a cone-shaped piece of tissue (usually from cervix)
  74. dialation and curettage(D&C)
    widening of the cervical canal and scraping the endometrum with a curette
  75. Mastectomy
    surgical removal from the whole breast
  76. lumpectomy
    surgical removal of a tumor from the breast
  77. Mammoplasty,Mastoplasty
    surgical reconstruction of the breast
  78. tubal ligaion
    procedure to ligate (tie) the uterine tube as a mothod of contraception
  79. Intra Uterineinside Device(IUD)
    A device inserted insiede the uterus to prevent implantation
  80. Artifical isemination
    injecting sperm into the vagina or uterus
  81. In citro fertilization (IVF)
    infertilization outside the female body then the fertilized egg is plnted into the uterus.
  82. AB, Ab,ab
    anibody; abortion
  83. AI
    artificial insemination
  84. BSE
    Breast self-examination
  85. CA
    cancer; chronological age; cardiac arrest
  86. D&C
    dilation (dilation) and curettage
  87. DUB
    Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
  88. FSH
    Follicel-stimulating hormone
  89. G
  90. GC
    Fonococcus(neissera gonorrheae)
  91. GYN
  92. HRT
    hormone replacement therapy
  93. HSG
  94. HSV
    herpes simplex virus
  95. IUD
    Imtrauterine device
  96. CPD
    cephalopelvic disproportion
  97. CS, C-section
    cesarean section
  98. LH
    luteinizing horemone
  99. LMP
    last menstrual period
  100. LSO
    left salpingo-oophorectomy
  101. OCPs
    Oral contraceptive pills
  102. Pap
  103. PID
    Pelvic inflammatory disease
  104. PMP
    previous menstrual syndrome
  105. RSO
    right salpingo-oophorectomy
  106. STD
    sexual transmitted disease
  107. TAH
    Total abdominal hysterectomy
  108. TRAM
    transverse rectus abdominis muscle
  109. TVH
    Total vaginal hysterectomy
  110. VD
    Venereal disease
  111. CVS
    Chronic villus sampling
  112. CWP
    Childbirth without pain
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