11/11/11 Africa

  1. Who did Great Britain send to occupy Africa?
  2. Who did Stanley grab up a ton of land for?
    King Leopold II of Belgium
  3. Who did France send to pick up territory in Africa?
  4. What land did King Leopold II ownin Africa?
    the 2nd largest country in Africa (Congo)
  5. How did they decide to split of Africa in a civil way in 1885?
    they held a conference in Berlin Germany
  6. Why was an American president present at the conference in Germany for dividing Africa?
    because they wanted to be able to trade with Africa?
  7. Which American president was at the Conference to divide Africa?
    Teddy Roosevelt
  8. What queen gave what mount to what other significant leader? and why
    • Queen Victoria
    • Mount Kilimanjaro
    • Keizer of Germany
    • a birthday gift
  9. What was the time frame in which Africa was occupied?
    1600's-late 1800's
  10. Who did King Leopold sell his farm in Africa to?
    his country, Belgium
  11. How much did King Leopold sell his farm to Belgium for?
    94 million dollars
  12. What area became independent in 1960? How many college graduates were their in the country?
    • the Congo
    • 5
  13. What kind of government did the Congo turn into when they became independent?
    military dictatorship
  14. Who did the German leave to control their areas of Africa?
    the German military
  15. How did the French first start try to change the African people into Frenchmen?
    • assimilation
    • forcing them to be like the French
  16. When assimilation didn't work, what did the French do to try to change the Africans to Frenchmen?
    • association
    • took some Africans to France and had them live there and then sent them back to influence the rest in Africa
  17. What are some characteristics of Bruce?
    • An explorer
    • 6'4"
    • red hair
  18. How long was Bruce married?
    9 months and then his wife died
  19. Why did Bruce go to Morocco?
    to learn about Islam and Languages
  20. What language in particular did Bruce learn about in Morocco?
    Ethiopian (Abyssinian)
  21. On Bruce's way back from where did he get sick?
    on his way back from Abyssinia
  22. How did Bruce learn about medicine?
    He learned from the doctor who treated him when he was sick
  23. What epidemic was Abyssinia experiencing when Bruce got there?
    a small pox episode
  24. How did Bruce escape Ethiopia when he needed to get away from how much they loved him there?
    The Nile river all the way back to Cairo
  25. How do we know about Bruce's explorations?
    he wrote them all down in a book
  26. How did they get steak in Ethiopia?
    they cut the steak out of the cow and then let him heal so they could use more of the meat without it spoiling
  27. What did the London Times do to Bruce's journal of explorations?
    • They said that none of it was true.
    • they were run by Jesuits
  28. What did Park answer the London Times ad to do?
    to find the Niger river and Timbuktu
  29. How did Park get into Africa?
    He went through the Ghana River
  30. How was Park rescued his first time in Africa?
    Arab slave owners saved him
  31. What did Park do the 2nd time he went to Africa?
    He brought a group of 30 other people with him
  32. What serious mistake did Park make with the locals?
    after he found the Niger river he was so scared of the natives that he shot at them anytime he saw them
  33. How close did Park get to Timbuktu without even realizing it?
    within 10 miles
  34. How did Park die?
    He was killed by the natives in Africa
  35. Who found the source of the Niger river?
    The Lander Brothers
  36. Who were the Lander Brothers?
    servants from London
  37. Who ended up showing the Europeans Timbuktu?
    the Arab slave traders
  38. Which famous explorers went to Africa looking for the source of the Nile?
    Burton and Speke
  39. How far did Burton and Speke make it before Burton got really sick?
    the made it to Lake Tanganyika
  40. How did Burton and Speke know that Lake Tanganyika was not the source of the Nile?
    every river went into the lake but none streamed out of it
  41. What Lake did Speke decide was the source of the Nile river?
    Lake Victoria
  42. Where did Burton and Speke have to stop when Burton was too sick to go on?
  43. What did Speke promise Burton when Speke when on ahead of Burton back to Europe?
    that he wouldn't tell the source of the Nile to anyone until Burton got back
  44. Where did Burton go when he found out he had been betrayed by Speke?
    He and his wife went to France
  45. What did Burton challenge Speke to?
    a debate
  46. How did Speke die?
    He accidentally shot himself when he was hunting
  47. What did everyone think about Speke's death?
    that he killed himself because he couldn't face Burton in the debate
  48. Who was famous for being a missionary to Africa?
  49. how many trips to Africa did Livingstone make?
    4 trips
  50. Why does Dr. Jenkinson not like Livingstone?
    • cause he would get his wife pregnant everytime he came back from Africa then leave to go back
    • didn't take care of his family
  51. What did Livingstone try to find?
    the source of the Nile
  52. What famous feature in Africa did Livingstone name?
    Victoria Falls
  53. Who do they send to Africa to find Livingstone?
    Henry Morton Stanley
  54. Who was Henry Morton Stanley?
    a newspaper man
  55. How does Stanley go into Africa?
    the Congo River
  56. How does Stanley know to look in Lake Tanganyika for Livingstone?
    cause some locals told him that a white man was running around that area
  57. How long does Stanley try to convince Livingstone to come back to England with him?
    9 months
  58. What did the tribal people do to Livingstone's body when he died?
    they cut out his heart and sent the rest of the body back to England
  59. Where is Livingstone's body burried?
    Westminister Abbey
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