vocab test 2

  1. avarice
    greed for riches
  2. acerbic
    sour in taste
  3. apocryphal
    doubtful in authorship or authenticity
  4. arable
    good for farming
  5. cherubic
    child like innocence
  6. antediluvian
    old fashioned
  7. abeyance
    temporary inactivity or suspension
  8. altruistic
    unselfish, concerned about others
  9. bilk
    to cheat
  10. churlish
  11. charlatan
    person who pretends to be smart
  12. amorphous
    lacking form, no shape
  13. adroit
    expert in use of hands of body
  14. admonish
    caution, advise, or counsel
  15. celerity
    swiftness, speed
  16. clandestine
    executed with secrecy
  17. acuity
  18. atrophy
    wasting away of the body
  19. avow
    to declare or openly own
  20. buttress
    prop or support
  21. ameliorate
    make or become better, improve
  22. commensurate
  23. aesthete
    person who professes in art
  24. circuitous
  25. ascetic
    person who dedicates their life for religion
  26. assuage
    make milder, less severe
  27. broach
    serrated cutting tool for holes
  28. aberration
    departing from the right course
  29. concomitant
    existing or occuring with something else
  30. aviary
    large cage for birds
  31. confluence
    coming or flowing together
  32. conjugal
    relating to married state or married persons
  33. contentious
    likely to cause disagreement or argument
  34. conundrum
    riddle whose answer is a pun
  35. copious
    yielding something abundently or plentiful in number
  36. corpulence
    having large bulky body
  37. coterie
    group of people with common interest
  38. credulous
    ready to believe
  39. cryptic
  40. curmudgeon
    crusty, ill tempered, old man
  41. dearth
    lack of supply/scarce
  42. demagogue
    leader who makes false claims to gain power
  43. desecrate
    to violate
  44. diatribe
    bitter, abusive speech
  45. diffidence
    hesitant, lack of self confidence
  46. dilatory
    intended to cause delay
  47. disaffected
  48. discursive
    moving from topic to topic
  49. dissemble
    hide under false appearance
  50. disparage
    to lower in rank or reputation
  51. dispassionate
    not influenced by strong feeling
  52. dissonant
    marked by lack of agreement
  53. dissuade
    to advise against something
  54. divination
    practice to tell the future
  55. dotard
    period of alertness
  56. duplicity
    being doubled
  57. egregious
  58. elegiac
    of or relating to lines
  59. elucidate
    to give a clarifying explanation
  60. emanate
    to come out from a source
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