Global Studies

  1. series of written philosophical diologues that expressed ideas of the Vendanta.
  2. a single universal being which will never change
  3. who were the three main gods of the hindus?
    • Brahma the creator
    • vishnu the preserver
    • siva the destroyer
  4. what are the three most important concepts of hindu beliefs?
    • reincarnation
    • karma
    • dharma
  5. die and souls are reborn in different bodies
  6. the actions during your life time have concequences
  7. a moral or duty during the cycle of reincarnation
  8. what are the four great Vedic collections?
    • rig veda
    • sama veda
    • yajur veda
    • atharva veda
  9. hyns brawn and speculation in ancient sanskrit
    vedic collections
  10. what is the sacred symbol of hinduism?
  11. what is the sacred site of hinduism?
    bathing in ganges river
  12. significant North Indian Hindu fastival to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Splash colored powder and water on each other.
  13. what is atman
    duty of individual self
  14. what is the goal of yoga
    to leave the earthly life and join brahman in a dreamless sleep
  15. who founded jainism
  16. who believed that everything in nature that is living has a soul
  17. what did mahavira reject?
    • violence
    • holiness of the vedas
  18. what is ahimsa
    belief in nonviolence
  19. why did the jainists turn away from the vedic religion?
    brahmins used animal sacrifice
  20. describe jainists beliefs
    they did everything they could to not harm living things
  21. who was siddhartha guatama
    son of a prince of buddhism
  22. who gave up a life of luxury to seek out truth
    siddhartha guatama
  23. List two of the four noble truths of buddhism
    • all human life contains suffering and sorrow
    • desire causes suffering
    • by rejecting desire people can attain nirvana
    • following the 8 fold path leads to rejection of desire and attainment of nirvana
  24. what is nirvana?
    place of perfect peace
  25. waht are two main branches of buddhism?
    • theraveda
    • mahanyana
  26. what is the authoritive collection of buddhists texts called?
  27. what is the sacred symbol of buddhism
  28. what is the sacred site of buddhism?
    beneath the budi tree in Bodh Gaya, India
  29. what is the ultimate goals of buddhism
    to achieve nirvana
  30. siddharth guatama is also known as____?
  31. what does Buddha mean?
    the enlightened one
  32. what is bodhi?
  33. name two of the three ways Hinduism and Buddhism differ?
    • buddha rejected hindu division of human beings into rigidly defined castes
    • all people can achieve Nirvana in Buddhism
    • buddhists reject the multiple gods of Hinduism
  34. what did conficius believe was the best model of society?
  35. confucious written teachings that formed the basis of his philosphy
  36. what three things did confusios stress?
    • importance of family
    • respect for ones elders
    • reverence for the past
  37. what is the sacred text of confucianism?
  38. what is the sacred symbol of Conficianism
  39. what is the sacred site of conficianism?
    temple of Qufu
  40. confusious teachings focused on what three areas?
    • social philosophy
    • education
    • political philoshophy
  41. what is the first element ub tge COnfucian view of Dao
  42. name three of the five constant relationships under confucianism?
    • parent/child
    • husband/wife
    • older siblings/younger siblings
    • older friend/younger friend
    • ruler/subject
  43. what is the second element in the Dao
    humanity compassion
  44. What was Daoism resction to?
    teaching of confucianism
  45. who was Daoism founded by?
  46. the principal Daoist work is called the____?
    Dao Da Jing
  47. What is the principle of wuwei?
    non-action: let nature take its course
  48. what do daoist's believe cloads people's minds to the truth?
    • desire
    • power
    • material wealth
  49. What did Confucianist's find so appealing about Daoism?
    release from the restrictiveness of confucious moral code
  50. The best way to act in harmony with the universal order is to_________?
    not interfere with the natural order
  51. leagalists believe that people by nature are ______ and_____
    selfish and untrustworthy
  52. the ___ dynaasty used legalism as it official philosophy?
  53. the state is best served by???
    putting the kings interests first
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