CMI Quiz 2

  1. When will heath care issues arrise?
    When values clash
  2. What 3 historical events led to Health Care Ethicis
    • 1 Nuremburg Trials
    • 2 Tiskegee Expieriments
    • 3 Dialysis
  3. Define Health Care Ethics
    Specialized field of study of how humans and communities are effected by medicine and the decisions we make in heath care on various levels.
  4. What happens when we are sick
    • body is no longer reliable instument
    • center of our concern
    • needs to be listened to
    • loss of freedom and control
    • wounded state of humanity
  5. What patients expect
    • compassion
    • communication with health care providers
    • quality care
  6. Nuremburg Trials
    Medical experiments on 7,000 Jews, gypsies, and prisoners of war
  7. Nuremburg code
    code of ethics about human exparimentation. the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutly essential.
  8. tuskegee experiment
    African american men were given placebo drugs and told they were being treated for sphillis
  9. 1972 dialysis
    commitee was formed in washington state that said you had to be white and under 40 to recieve dialysis.
  10. what are the 3 levels of health care ethics
    • 1) micro - person to person
    • 2) middle - hospital
    • 3) macro - society
  11. belmont or georgetown 4
    • Beuchamp and Childress
    • individual
    • beneficience
    • non-maleficance
    • justice
  12. individual autonomy
    respect for the human person. the right of the consumer to make decisions about their healthcare right of self determination for our health care (informed consent, confidentiality, truth telling.
  13. Beneficence
    duty of healthcare provider to do good for the patient prevent and remove harm from the patient
  14. non-maleficence
    duty of the health care provider to do no harm. this includes acts of ommision and commision
  15. justice
    duty to fairly and equally distribute health care
  16. at how many weeks is a fetus considered to be viable
    23 weeks
  17. principle of double effect
    the intent has to be good the by-product could cause harm
  18. induced abortion
    the direct medical or surgical termination of pregnancy before viability
  19. sherry finkbine
    arizona television personality who brought abortion to the forefront in the 60's
  20. colonial period until 1800's
    abortion was not uncommon it was a social taboo and a misdominor. law stated it had to be before the "quickining"
  21. 1821 Connecticut
    first anti abortion laws
  22. true or false
    by 1900 all states either prohibited or restricted abortion for most states abortion was legal only if it is to save a womans life
  23. 1973
    Roe vs wade
    • struck down all states anti abortion laws as unconstitutional
    • based on womans right to privacy (14th amendment)
    • unborn fetus is not a person in the whole sense
  24. in vitro fertilazation
    sperm is collected, egg retrived, fertilization takes place in petri dish
  25. 3 models of medical treatment
    • patrinalism
    • radical individualism
    • team approach
  26. paternalism -
    father knows best or doctors know best (power - over relationship) person is treated like a child.
  27. radical individualism
    looks like non-compliance individual takes full charge
  28. team approach
    nurse is a moral advocate. "work together"
  29. what does euthanasia literally mean?
    good death
  30. 6 components for a good death
    • pain managment
    • preparation for death
    • spritual completion and meaning making
    • contributing to others during dying process
    • clear decision making
    • affirmation of the whole person
  31. mercy killing
    giving an incompetent person a leathal injection
  32. mercy death
    assisted with death such as Dr. assisted suicide
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