Korean Vocab, chapter 4

  1. case, box, packet
  2. 구실
    role, function, duty
  3. 동서고금
    all places and times (east west, then and now)
  4. 만복
    great happiness
  5. the very, the extreme
  6. 복약
    restorative, tonic
  7. 비결
    secret, key
  8. 설셈
    fluttering, uneasy feeling
  9. 신랑
  10. 양반
    adult male, husband
  11. 자두
  12. 정도
    degree, measure
  13. 지폐
    paper money, bill
  14. 처녀
    maiden, young woman
  15. 풍자
    satire, sarcasm
  16. 거꾸로
    backward, inversely
  17. 그리고 나서
    after that, and then
  18. 노상
    always, all the time
  19. 듣다못해
    (being) unable to continue to listen to
  20. 매일같이
    (almost) every day
  21. 전혀
    entirely, totally
  22. 고속 도로
    freeway, highway
  23. you, one's house
  24. other, another, else, different
  25. 망치
  26. 몇몇
    some, several, a few
  27. 부사장
    vice president
  28. 뿌리
  29. 소화
  30. 안내
  31. 유머, 우스갯소리, 농담, 익살, 해학
  32. 재치
  33. 중(에)
    (in) the middle, during, while
  34. 횡재
    windfall, unexpected financial gain
  35. pretense, make-believe
  36. 환자
  37. 그러다(가)
    in that manner, (in) that way
  38. tightly, firmly
  39. 단단히
    firmly, strongly
  40. 어떻게 해서
    in what way, how
  41. 따지고 보면
    after all
  42. 거들떠보다
    to pay attention, take notice
  43. 다가가다
    to step near, approach
  44. 담당하다/맡다
    to take charge of
  45. 돋구다
    to raise, to stimulate
  46. 말을 붙이다
    to speak to, address
  47. 바꿔 드리다
    to exchange, to replace
  48. 반증하다
    to prove the contrary
  49. 발표하다
    to report, announce
  50. 설치다
    to leave (it) half done
  51. 쏴 붙이다
    to retort, to yell at
  52. 자랑하다
    to brag
  53. 잠을 설치다
    to sleep badly
  54. 조르다
    to badger
  55. 지각하다
    to be late
  56. 채점하다
    to mark, grade
  57. 치르다
    to pay, to take
  58. 통하다
    to be known (as)
  59. 흔해 빠지다
    a dime a dozen
  60. 맞다
    to be right, correct
  61. 정신없다
    to be absent-minded
  62. 고르다
    to choose, select
  63. 달라고 하다
    to ask someone to give something
  64. 도움이 되다
    to be helpful
  65. 마음(을) 먹다
    to intend to, mean to
  66. 맞추다
    to check, adjust
  67. 바로잡다
    to straighten, correct
  68. 받아 주다
    to accept
  69. 불러 주다
    to call out
  70. 시집가다
    to marry into a man's family
  71. 더리둥절해하다
    to become (feel) confused
  72. 잠을 이루다
    to get to sleep
  73. 장수하다
    to live long
  74. 조심하다
    to heed, be careful
  75. 지켜보다
    to watch, keep an eye on
  76. 출판하다
    to publish
  77. 탈나다
    to have trouble, to be sick
  78. 포장되다
    to be packed
  79. 아찔하다
    to feel dizzy
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