massage therapy canada review 4

  1. acute bronchitis
    inflammation of the brochial tree anywhere between the trachea and the bronchioles
  2. anemia
    sympton rather than a disease itself, it indicates a shortage of red blood cells, hemoglobin or both
  3. anorexia nervosa
    the use of fasting, severely restricted eating, self-starvation
  4. asthma COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
    the result of spasmodic constriction of bronchial smooth tubes in combination wich chronic local inflamation and excessive mucous production
  5. bell's palsy
    • flaccid paralysis of one side of the face caused by inflamation/damage to the facial nerve
    • CNS
  6. breast cancer
    the growth of malignant tumor cell in breast tissue
  7. bulimia
    • eating disorder where in normal or higher than normal calorie consumtion followed by activities to prevent the absortion of those calories
    • binges and purges
    • Making yourself throw up
    • Taking laxatives
  8. bursitis
    inflamation of the bursa when these fluid sacs aare irritated
  9. carpal tunel syndrome CTS
    irritation of the median nerve as it pases under the carpal ligament into the wrist
  10. chemical dependency
    the use of sustances (legal or ilegal) in methods or doses that resul in damage to the user
  11. chronic fatigue syndrome
    collection of sing and symtoms that affect many systems in the body and result in potentially debilitating fatigue
  12. common cold
    viral infection from any of 200 known types of viruses
  13. chrohn's disease
    progressive inflammatory condition of any part of the GI tract
  14. degenerative disc
    • small tears of the annulus pulposus, along with decrease disc height and dehydratation of the muscles.
    • annulus may press against nerve root in the spinal cord
  15. depression
    mood disorders that can result in persistent feelings of sadness, guilt or hopelessness
  16. diabetes mellitus
    a group of metabolic disorders characterized by disturbances in glucose metabolism
  17. dislocation
    injuries to joints in wich the articulating bones are forcefully seperated
  18. edema
    • retention of interstitial fluid because of electrolyte or protein balances,
    • from mechanical obstruction in the circulatory/lymphatic systems
  19. thrombus embolism
    • stationary clots
    • clots that travel through the circulatory system
  20. endometriosis
    • the implantation and growth of endometrial cells in the peritoneal cavity that grow and then decay with the mestrual cycle
    • The uterine cavity is lined by endometrial cells, which are under the influence of female hormones. These endometrial-like cells in areas outside the uterus (endometriosis) are influenced by hormonal changes and respond similarly as do those cells found inside the uterus. Symptoms often worsen in time with the menstrual cycle
  21. fatigue
    • exhaustation due to low oxygen levels in the muscles
    • low stamina
  22. fibromyalgia
    a group of S&S that include chronic pain in muscles, tendons, ligament and otrhers soft tissues
  23. fractures
    • any kind of broken bone/cracked bone
    • from hairline crack to a complete break in bone
  24. frozen shoulder
    a client gradualy loses the ability to move the arm at the shoulder
  25. gout
    inflammatory arthritis caused by deposits of sodium urate (sodium acid) in and around joint
  26. headaches
    pain in head caused by muscular tension, vascular spasm, and chemical imbalances
  27. hernia
    hole or rip through wich the abdominal contains may protude
  28. herniated disc
    Disc Disease
    when nucleus pulposus may protude into vertebral canal, compressing spinal nerve roots, or spinal cord itself (impingment)
  29. HIV- AIDS
    disease in wich a virus disables the immune system leaving a person vulnerable to a host of diseases that are usually not a threat to people
  30. hypertension
    technical term for high blood pressure. anything over 140 systolic 90 diastolic
  31. irritable bowel syndrome IBS
    a collection of signs/symtoms that include funtional problems with the digestive system, specially the colon
  32. low back pain
    physical or mental suffering/stress arising from injury/illness in the lumbar region/area of the back
  33. lopus
    autoimmune rheumatic disease in wich your immune system attacks its own cells and tissues
  34. lymphoma
    a variety of cancer that grows in lymph tissue
  35. multiple sclerosis
    autoimmune disease that affects the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system
  36. muscular dystropy
    group of related inherited disorders characterized by degeneration and wasting of muscle tissue
  37. myofascial pain syndrome
    collection of S&S associated with the development of myofascial trigger points in muscles
  38. myositis ossificans
    muscle inflammation with bone formation/ or bony deposits in soft tissue
  39. osteoarthritis
    joint inflammation brought about by wear/tear causing cumulative damage to articular cartilage
  40. osteoporosis
    "porous bones" in this condition calcium is pulled off the bones faster than it is replaced, leaving them thin, brittle and prone to injurys
  41. patellofemoral syndrome
    a condition in wich patellar cartillage becomes irritated as it contacts the femoral cartilage
  42. pelvic inflammatory disease PID
    umbrella term for an infection anywhere in the upper reproductive tract of women
  43. peripheral neuropathy
    • peripheral nerves are damaged through lack of circulation, chemical imbalance, or trauma
    • exposure to pathogens or toxic subtances
  44. plantar fasciitis
    degeration of collagen at the plantar fascia causing pain
  45. post polio syndrome
    a progressive muscular weakness that develops 10-40 years after after an initial infection with the polio virus
  46. postoperative situations
    • deciding when to massage a client after surgery,
    • depends on what surgery was for, where incision is, and how large and deep is
  47. postural deviations
    overdeveloped thoracic or lumbar curves (hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis) or a lateral curve on the spine (scoliosis)
  48. pregnancy
    the conditionin wich a woman carries a fetus
  49. raynaud's syndrome
    • defined by episodes of vasospasm of the artherioles in fingers, toes, nose, ears, and lips.
    • usually cold to the touch
  50. rheumatoid arthritis
    autoimmune disease in wich immune system attacks synovial membranes; usually in joints of the hands and feets
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