Texas PPR Standard I

  1. Texas PPR are standards are ______ -centered
  2. Learner-Centered
    Standard I
    The teacher designs instruction appropriate for all students that reflects an understanding of relevant content and is based on continuous and appropriate assessment.
  3. Standard I
    Competency 001
    Key Concepts:
    • 1) Instruction
    • 2) Content
    • 3) Assessment
  4. Standard I
    Competency 001
    The teacher understands human developmental processes and applies this knowledge to plan instruction and ongoing assessment that motivates students and are responsive to their developmental characteristics and needs.
  5. Standard I
    Competency 001
    Points to remember
    • * Be aware of how motivational needs vary at each developmental level.
    • * Be responsive to developmental characteristics and needs of ALL students.
    • * Recognize needs and actively seek answers to meeting needs.
    • * Meet needs at several different developmental levels at same time.
    • * Planning instructuion and assessment must be based on a thorough knowledge of Human Growth and Development.
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