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  1. Declarative
    fact memory including faces, words, dates, and names
  2. Non declarative
    skills motor memory emotional memory acquired through experience and repetition
  3. Alpha waves
    a clam relaxed awake brain
  4. Beta waves
    Mentally alert or concentrated brain
  5. Theta Waves
    Common in children and in some adults while concentrating
  6. Delta waves
    Sleep & anestatized brain or an indication of brain damage in a waken adult
  7. Types of sleep
    • Non- rapid eye movement (NREM)- 1st 90 min of sleep cycle, Depressed functioning
    • Rapid eye movement (REM)- occurs after 90 min into sleep cycle dream stage Increased functioning in a stage of temporary paralysis
  8. Current
    Is the flow of electrons or ions from one point to another for the purpose of doing work
  9. Potential difference
    is the difference in charges separated by some device semipermeable membrane
  10. The greater the potential difference the higher the ......
  11. Voltage
    Is the energy generated by a separation of charges
  12. Resistance
    Is the opposition to flow of electrons or ions from one point to another that decreases the current and is determined by the material for which current passes through
  13. A conductor
    is a good electrical conductor, metal, water open ion channels
  14. Insulator
    is a poor electrical conductor, rubber, plastic, plasma membrane
  15. Potential energy
    energy that is stored that has the potential to do work
  16. Electrical potential
    for cells the charge difference across the cell membrane
  17. Hyperpolarization
    is an increase in membraine potential (increasing the difference in charges across the membraine which makes it less likely for an nerve impulse to be generated)
  18. Deploarization
    is a reduction in membraine potential ( lessening of the difference in charges across the membrane which increases the probability of a nerve impulse to be generated)
  19. Action potentials
    are usually outgoing signals, strong in operates over long distances
  20. Graded Potentials
    are usually incoming signals week in strength which operates over short distances
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