Comparative test 3 (Set 11)

  1. What are the four basic functional groups of sensory neurons?
    • General somatic sensory neurons
    • Special somatic sensory neurons
    • General visceral sensory neurons
    • Special visceral sensory neurons
  2. What are the three basic functional groups of motor neurons?
    • Somatic Motor neurons
    • Special visceral motor neurons
    • General visceral motor neurons
  3. What is the location of general somatic sensory neurons?
    from cutaneous receptors and proprioceptors. (receptors in muscles, tendons, and joints that monitor activity of muscles.
  4. What is the location of special somatic sensory neurons?
    From special sense organs such as lateral line, ear, eye
  5. What is the locations of general visceral sensory neurons?
    From most visceral receptors.
  6. What is the location of special visceral sensory neurons?
    From taste buds.
  7. What is the location of somatic motor neurons?
    to somatic muscles
  8. What is the location of special visceral motor neurons?
    to branchiomeric muscles
  9. What is the location of general visceral motor neurons?
    Heart, gut, other smooth muscles, glands
  10. _____ constitutes the autonomic nervous system.
    general visceral motor neurons
  11. _____ is highly developed in amphibians and amniotes.
    General visceral motor neurons
  12. General visceral motor neurons are categorized into antagonistic divisions: _____ and _____.
    • sympathetic
    • Parasympathetic
  13. Describe the basic circuitry of neurons.
    Most locomotor and visceral activities are the result of a reflex arc within the spinal cord and brain stem.
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Comparative test 3 (Set 11)
Comparative anatomy lecture test number three.