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  1. Acne vulgaris
    tx. topical intense pulse/light therapy/ 85% 12 - 15 oversecretion of sebum. stress cause flari-ups
  2. anorexia nervosa
    greater middle - class adults, lower b/p bradycardia, lower potassium, thining hair
  3. buliemia
    gorge-purge syndrome/loss of control
  4. cataplexy
    attack of muscular weakness, lack of muscle tone, may accompany naralepsy
  5. chronic ulcerative colitis
  6. dermabrasion
    retinoic acid/benzoyl oxy-10/tetracycline cream (H2O)/Erythroycin cream (dries); a surgical means of smoothing skin after acute acne
  7. dysmennorhea
    painful menstration with no pelvic
  8. encephalititis
    cause bateria, fungus, virus, protozoa - inflammation of brain tissue and occasionally the menegies
  9. hypersomnia
    lengthy sleep periods - 12-18 hours, can escape brain damage or honey colored crust on face/hands
  10. impetigo contgiosia
    caused by staph, strep, mixed bacteria, vessicles leave sticky
  11. insomnia
    difficulty falling asleep - cause (?) emo problems
  12. kyphosis
    compressed fracture, arthritis; abnormal curve of thoracic spine, hunchback, result from TB
  13. lordosis
    curvature of lumbar spine pelvis hips forward - wt.?; distorts center of gravity
  14. Lyme Disease
    after bite - ring-shaped rash - rash - thighs, groin, trunk, c/o angina - fatigue, facial palsy, intellectual impairment; tick bourne bacterial illness found in 47 states - id 1975. Tick S&S 3 - 31 days
  15. Maloclusion (sp?)
    faulty tooth positioning which results in improper alignment of jaws & teeth
  16. mittleschmerz
    Pain occuring with oralation
  17. mononucleosis
    Ebstein Barr virus; infects the salivary glands, droplets, (herpes) CBC - mono test - tx symptomatic - improve 4 months, exercise sports, around systemic steriods, home schooling
  18. narcolepsy
    brief attack of irresistable sleep, conflict, competition, boys more at risk
  19. Orthodontia
    The correction of tooth positioning and jaw deformaties is called this
  20. Polydipsia
    abnormal increase in thirst with probable enuresis (sp?)
  21. Polyphasia
    Increased hunger
  22. Polyresia
    Sudden increase in urine output
  23. Scolisosis
    A lateral curvature "S" shaped
  24. Sleep Apnea
    When person stops breathing for short periods at night
  25. Sonambulism
    Sleep walking, usually later s/ cege of non REM
  26. somniloquism
    Sleep talking, common in young people
  27. Congenital
    present at birth
  28. hereditary
    congential defect from a defective gene
  29. Genetics
    study of hereditary
  30. Nucleus
    23 pairs of chromosomes
  31. Alphafletoprotroin
    Test done from amniotic fluid to test for congential defects
  32. Feratogens
    Substances pregnant women use or are in contact with, which are known to cause fetal abnormalties
  33. Feratogens
    Substances pregnant women use or are in contact with, which are known to cause fetal abnormalties
  34. FASD
    Fetal Alcohol Spectum Disorder
  35. FAS
    Most severe formal FASD/leading known preventably birth defect
  36. ARBD
    alcohol related birth defects = heart, kidney, bones hear
  37. FAS = S&S
    small gestage, DD, microcephaly, typical facial features, poor judgement, low IQ, short attention span
  38. Chelation
    Admin of med bind to lead to remove from body
  39. Bal in Oil
    Given deep im dimercapol - heavy metal antagonist
  40. Spastic Cerebral Palsy
    most common 70 - 80% cases; include higher muscle tone, muscles stiff, speech, hearing vision eg spastic quadraplegia
  41. Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy (athetoid)
    10/20% slow writing move, livesting (sp?), grimacing, sharp jerks (facial/tongue movements)
  42. Ataxic C.P.
    5/10% tremors/unsteady gait, depth perception, Nystagmus, wide gait
  43. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    Most common - degenerative muscular disorder in children, genetic, atrophy of muscles
  44. Gowers sign
    when child uses upper extremity muscles to compensate for weak hip muscles
  45. Dynfluency
    Interruption normal flow of speech
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