BCA Chapter 8

  1. Caluclated Column
    A single formula entered in a table cell and then automatically copied to all of the other table cells in the column.
    A lookup function that returns a value from a list of many values.
  3. Embedded object
    An object that keeps the features of the application it was created in.
  4. Field
    A column in a worksheet.
  5. Filter
    The process of displaying only the rows that meet specific criteria.
  6. Linked Object
    An object that automatically updates when the source data is updated.
  7. Macro
    A series of recorded commands and actions that perform a specific task.
  8. PivotTable
    A table of data where each column is a filed that can be used to summarize data.
  9. PivotTablereport
    A report that allows the worksheet data to be put into small, concise reports, simplifying data analysis.
  10. Static
    Pasted data that is not connected to the source file or to the source application.
  11. Table
    Range of related data that can be sorted and filtered.
    A lookup function used to return a value from a table of values stored in the worksheet.
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BCA Chapter 8
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