Humanities 2 (Midterm)

  1. How many countries are there in Asia?
  2. Approximate population of the continent of Asia
    4 billion
  3. Approximate population of China
    1,400,000,000 people
  4. First dynasty in China
    Xia Dynasty
  5. How many emperors were there during the run of Xia Dynasty?
  6. This dynasty unified China and ruled it as a whole
    QIN Dynasty (221 - 207 BC)
  7. This dynasty succeeded QIN, spanned over four centuries and was also recognized as a "golden age" in China
    HAN dynasty
  8. The first emperor of XIA Dynasty
    Qin Shi Huangdi
  9. Dynasty responsible for:
    -Great Wall
    -Terra Cotta Army Tomb
    -cart axles
    -Chinese characters (written language)
    -improved roads
    XIA (259 - 210 BCE)
  10. Father of Taoism - "the right way or path"
    Lao Tzu "Old Master"
  11. Three Treasures of Taoism
    1. Kindness

    2. Simplicity (or the absence of excess)

    3. Modesty
  12. _____ said "Do not do to to others what you don't want done to yourself."
  13. Confucius' (Master Kong) chief virtues are:
    1. Respect for parents + ancestors

    2. Kindness

    3. Faithfulness

    4. Intelligence

    5. Proper behavior
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