Art History

  1. First known artist; architect; built the Stepped Pyramid;royal builder for Kind Djoser.; artist seen as a god
  2. Imhotep designed this; started out as a mastaba but kept having layers added to it
    Stepped Pyramid
  3. What was designed to look like papyras plants?
  4. What dynasties consisted of the old kingdom?
    4th dynasty - 8th dynasty
  5. What three periods are Egyptian history grouped into?
    the old kingdom, the middle kingdom, & the new kingdom
  6. Three pyramids were the tombs for 3 pharohs, whats the name of the pharohs and the pyramids?
    The Great Pyramids; Menkaure, Khafre, Khufu
  7. *stones weighed 2 tons as many as stones
    *35,000 people were thought to help
    * top of the middle Pyramid made of limstone
    *13 acres long
    *25 years to build each
    The Great Pyramids; 2500
  8. * In front of the Great Pyramids
    * 65 ft. tall
    *Khafre based
    *excavated in 1400; buried to shoulders in sand
    *legends of how the nose was knocked off

    the Great Sphinx
  9. *made out of wood
    * naturalistic
    *non-royal portraits featured obese people, signifies that it led to a comfortable life with plenty of food & little physical work.
  10. *wall carving in a tomb
    *showed scenes of a dead persons life
    *has an hiearchacal scale
    *twisted perspective
    *presented good over evil
    Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt
  11. Who was the second woman ruler in egypt, and had the first story of a specific woman on the exterior?
  12. Who ruled 200 years after Hatshepsut, and ruled for 60 years, believed to live until 70?
    Ramses II
  13. Which temple was a pylon temple?
    Temple of Horus
  14. Who was Queen nefertiti?
    Amenhotep 4th's wife.
  15. Akhenaton's mom; major advisor for her husband and son
  16. Who started ruling at age 9 and ruled for 9 years in egypt?
    King tut
  17. Whos tomb was undisturbed?
    King Tut
  18. Who unearthed King tut's tomb? when? and where is he from?
    • Howard Carter
    • 1922
    • USA
  19. What King had a catscan done on his mummy? and what may be his cause of death?
    • King tut
    • And a broken leg most likely had an infection that killed him
  20. What were the three island based tribes in the Art of Prehistoric Agean called?
    • Cyclads
    • Minoans
    • Myceneans
  21. Whats the location for the cyclads?
    group of island in the Agean Sea
  22. What is the location for the Minoans?
    the island of Crete
  23. What is the location of Myceneans?
    the Mainland
  24. what story actually follows these three tribes, and evidence is found by an archaeologist?
    the Illiad
  25. who was a German business man, amature archaeologist, that used the illiad for his archaeological surveys?
    Henrich Schliemann
  26. Who discovered the Ruins of Troy covered by a giant mound in Hissarlik, Turkey?
    Henrich Schilemann
  27. Cycladic artwork; looks modern; nearly all of these early statues were of women, with their arms folded across their abdomen; the feet are too small to support the statues, believed to be some sort of funerary offering that was laid in the graves of the decease; meant to lay down
    Statuette of a Woman; 2600
  28. What have we discovered with both a female and male figure? and what would this indicate?
    • Female Figurine: represents the deceased
    • Male Musician: serves to an entertain the corpse.
  29. Which statue shows that its' form is reduced into a more symbolistic place? Whos the artist?
    • Seated Woman Holding a Fan
    • Pablo Picasso
    • 1908
  30. *Missing arm & hand, would have been positioned to play the Lyre w/ their fingers.
    • Male Lyre Player
    • 2700
  31. What were the settlments like Both on the mainland and the islands?
    Small and consisted only on simple building.
  32. The minoans were rarely buried without these, what are they?
    Cydalic Statues
  33. What do we begin to see 1000 years later on these islands and mainland?
    large palaces
  34. How were the palaces onthese islands thought to be destroyed by 300 years later?
    An Earthquake
  35. Whats a half man half bull?
  36. What king kept a minotaur as a pet and friend?
    King Minos
  37. How was the Palace of Knossos discovered?
    An english archaeologist was searching for King Minos's home and discovered the Palce of Knossos instead.
  38. What king was known for having a home like a maze?
    King Minos
  39. Who was known in the King Minos legend as the man that killed the minotaur, and escaped the maze?
  40. Were the stories of Palace Knossos true or untrue? and how do you know?
    • Untrue.
    • There was no evidence suggesting King Minos was the one who lived in the palace, and that there was evidece that all the stories were made after the community was gone, that they were made up from the ruins.
  41. The Palace of Knossos showed that in a stairwell what culture had already encountered these islands by what archictectural evidence?
    • The Egyptians
    • Columns
  42. Which palace had places where light and air can come in since it was very large?
    • Palace of Kinossos
    • Crete
    • 1400
  43. Which minoan painting is a fresco of the Last Supper by Leonardo, and what made this seem like a modern fresco?
    • La Parisienne; Crete; 1450
    • The people were wearing popular modern hairstyles from Paris
  44. Where did the Fresco's La Parisienne name originate from?
    In the fresco, the people were painted with a hairstyle that is now popular in Paris called La Parisienne
  45. Why are frescos easy to preserve?
    because of their sturdy nature by being painted in/on a wet surface, so when it dries the paint dries into the wall.
  46. How do you fix a mistake on a fresco?
    the plaster must be chiseled away and completely redone.
  47. Whats one of the greatest discoveries found in the 1980s? What was found in the palace?
    • a huge 16th centurey egyptian palace
    • Minoan Frescos
  48. What was seen as the Minoan mascot?
  49. What happened in 1650 near the island of Crete?
    • volcanic eruption
    • ashes anywhere from 15 ft to 180 ft; completely covered the city
  50. Which Minoan fresco is considred by some people to be the first landscape rather than the Volcanic Eruption landscape? and why is it sometimes seen as that?
    • The Spring Fresco; 1650
    • The Volcanic Eruption landscape is not telling a legit story, it isnt a pleasure landscape. The Spring Fresco was designed to show an appreciation for nature, and marks a remarkable change in the reason art is made.
  51. What two jars are considered Kamares Ware? And why were they called this?
    • 1.Kamares Ware Jar;1800
    • 2.Marine Style Octopus Jar 1450
    • Named for the cave on Mount Ida they were found in
  52. How did the Kamares Ware start out? and how did it finish? (the colors) and what is this technical term called?
    Black background w/ white figure; switched to white background w/ black figure; then switched back to black background w/ white figure. This is called Polychromatic.
  53. What showed that these islands had ritual burials?
    • Sarcophagus found in Minoan area.
    • and the cycladic sculptures of the Man Playing the Harp.
  54. What do the exposed breasts of the Snake Goddess suggest?
    she might be a fertility god.
  55. What could the many animals with her suggest? and what are they and where are they on the sculpture?
    • They could be some sort of ritual and could be some kind of animal control goddess.
    • Two snakes in each hand.
    • Cat might be on the head.
  56. What is the tradition continued today that the Snake Goddess sculpture started?
    Begginning of humans creating gods in their own image.
  57. How did the Minoan society end?
    Noone is for sure positive, but it is thought to believe that the Myceneans took over the island of Crete in the 1200s.
  58. When did the myceneans take charge and why?
    After the earthquake that occured to the minoans. The Myceneans used to depend on the minoans but after the earthquake the Myceneans had to take charge.
  59. During ______ time, the local population believed that the Citadel at Tiryns was built by a race of giants w/ one eyed called ________.
    • Homer's
    • Cyclops
  60. Who was the Myceneans legendary king?
  61. Who found the Lion Gate in Mycenae, Greece? and what was it believed to be?
    • Schlieman
    • Agammenon's Temple
  62. What were the high archways for?
    For archers to post up and easily shoot and defend the fortress.
  63. Treasury of Aterus is the largest what in history up untill that point?
    Largest known space.
  64. What was considered to be the best thing found so far in Mycenae? and why?
    • Funerary Mask
    • thought to be for King Agammenon
  65. What was the Rhyton in the shape of a Lion's Head made out of?
    Gold most likely from Egypt.
  66. What was the purpose of the Rhyton in the shape of a Lion's head?
    a drinking cup
  67. What was found with the rhyton and who found it?
    • The funerary mask
    • schilemann
  68. What is the warrior vase used for? and what is it actually called?
    • A bold use for mixing water and wine.
    • Krater
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