1. "Muscarinic receptors"
    "Cholinergic recptor used on all organs regulatred by the parasympathetic nervous systems & sweat glands"
  2. "Alpha 1 receptor"
    "Adrenergic receptor: vasoconstricitions of the arterials; bladder; neck; prostate & mydriasis (pupil dilation)"
  3. "Alpha 2 receptor"
    "Adrenergic minimal clinical significance"
  4. "Beta 1 receptor"
    "Aderenrgic increases heart rate; force of contraction velocity of conduction of AV node & causes kidney to release Renin"
  5. "Beta 2 receptor"
    "Bronchial dilation; relaxation of uterine muscle; vasodilation; Glycogenolysis"
  6. "Dopamine receptor"
    "Adrenergic Dilates renal blood vessels; dilation of kidney vasculature"
  7. "Atropine"
    "Muscarinic Antagonist. Blocks action of Ach at mscarinic receptor"
  8. "Androgenic crisis"
    "Dry mouth (xerostomia), Blurred vision, Photophobia. Increased intraocular pressure, Urinary retention, *Constipation*, Tachycardia"
  9. "Scopolamine"
    "Other Muscarinic antagonist"
  10. "pyridostigmine (Mestinon), Neostigmine (Prostigmin)"
    "Cholinesterase inhibitor, Used to treat Myasthenia Gravis, Dosing individualized; pt must keep record of symptoms, Take with food"
  11. "cholinergic crisis"
    "skeletal muscle paralysis, Salavation, Sweating, Miosis (small pupils), Bradycardia, Respratory distress"
  12. "pancuronium (pavulon)"
    "nondepolorizing neuromuscular blocking agents, Paralitic, Reversed with antichollisterase agents (neostigmine; edrophonium; pyridostigmine)"
  13. "succinylcholine (anectine)"
    "depolorizing agent, Paralitic; non reversable (short acting), May trigger malignant hyperthermia"
  14. "Epinephrine (Adrenalin), Dopamine (Intropin)"
    "Adrenergic Agonist"
  15. "phenotolamine (Regitine)"
    "Alpha 1 & 2 adrenergic blocker"
  16. "prazosin (Minipress)"
    "Alpha 1 adrenogic blocker, Treats HTN & BPH"
  17. "tamsuloin (Flowmax)"
    "alpha androgenic blocker, Treats BPH"
  18. "Propranolol (Inderal)"
    "Blocks beta 1 & 2 adrenergic"
  19. "Metroprolol (Lopressor)"
    "blocks beta 1 adrenergic (cardio only)"
  20. "Clonidine (Catapres)"
    "centrally acting alpha2 agonist, Primary hypertension"
  21. "carbidopa/levodopa (sinemet)"
    "treats parkinson, Dopaminergic agent"
  22. "pramipexole (Mirapex), Ropinerole (requip)"
    "treats parkinsons, First line for mild/moderate & young, Activates dopamine receptors"
  23. "benztropine (Cogention)"
    "anticholinergic agent, Used to treat parkinsons"
  24. "donepezil (Aricept)"
    "used to treat Alzheimers"
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