Vovabulary 20111111

  1. region (n.)
    - a large of country or of the world, usually without exact limits
    SYN: area
    • efforts to bring peace to the region.
    • a tropical region.
    • region of
    • a region of brain
  2. value (n.v.)
    -worth the money paid
    -importance / usefulness
    • value of
    • The alterations doubled the value of the house.
    • The lunch special is really good value.
    • the nutritional value of cereal
    • Your attitudes about sex are affected by your religious and moral values.
  3. attract (v.)
    • What attracted me most to the job was the chance to travel.
    • I guess it was his eyes that attracted me first.
  4. admire (v.)
    - to respect and like someone because they have done something that you think is good
    • I really admire the way she bring up those kids all on her own.
    • admire s.b. for (doing) s.t.
  5. reveal (v.)
    -to make known something that was previously secret or unknown
    *opp: conceal
    • He may be prosecuted for revealing secrets about the security agency.
    • a test that can reveal a teacher's hidden skills
    • He revealed that he had been in prison twice before.
  6. conceal
    - to hide something carefully
    • The shadows concealed her as she crept up to the house.
    • The path was concealed by long grass.
    • She tried to conceal the fact that she was pregnant.
  7. satisfy (v.)
    *syn: convince
    • Nothing I did would ever satisfy my father.
    • The program is designed to satisfy the needs of adult learners.
  8. agreeable (adj.)
    - pleasant
    - acceptable
    • We spent a most agreeable couple of hours.
    • an agreeable young man
    • The main objective is to find a solution that is agreeable to the company in terms of cost.
  9. artificial (adj.)
    - not real or not made of natural things but made to be like s.t. that is real or natural
    *syn: false
    *opp: natural
    - artificial behavior is not sincere
    • artificial flowers
    • artificial light
    • an artificial smile
  10. conscientious (adj.)
    - careful to do everything that it is your job or duty to do
    • A conscientious teacher may feel inclined to take work home.
    • A conscientious and hard working student
  11. lovely (adj.)
    - beautiful or attractive
    - very pleasant, enjoyable, or good
    • She had a lovely face.
    • What a lovely house!
    • Thank you fora lovely evening.
  12. lively (adj.)
    - s.o. who is lively has a lot of energy and is very active
    - a place or situation that is lively is exicting because a lot of things are happening
    • a lively child
    • the city's lively nightlife
    • The book offers a lively account of her travels.
  13. precise (adj.)
    - precise information, details etc, clear, and correct
    *syn: exact
    • It was difficult to get precise information.
    • The precise cause of the disease is unknown.
    • the precise location of the ship
  14. cry out
    - to make a loud sound of fear, shock, pain etc
    • Why are you doing this? She cried out suddenly.
    • I felt too terrified to even cry out for help
  15. recap (v.)
    - to repeat the main points of s.t. that has just been said
    Let me just recap what's been discussed so far.
  16. significance (n.)
    - the important of an event, action etc, especially because of the effects or influence it will have in the future
    • Stella didn't attach any significance to Doug's query.
    • The results of the study have a wider significance for all the profession.
  17. restore (v.)
    - to make something return to its former state or condition
    • The goverment promises to restore the economy to full strength.
    • restore (diplomatic) relations with somebody
    • Vietnam restored diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 2010.
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