Chapter 8

  1. Activists
    people who partcipat ein politics
  2. Australian Ballot
    uniform govenrment-issued ballot cast in secret used to reduce voting fraud associated with party -printed ballots
  3. Grandfather clause
    Allows people who did not pass literacy tests of pay poll tax to vote if their ancestors voted before 1867
  4. Literacy Test
    a way that the south barred blacks from voting, one is required to be literate to vote
  5. Poll tax
    another way southerners barred blacks from voting, a tax citizens had to pay to vote
  6. Registered voters
    People who have registered with their state sto vote
  7. Voting age population
    people who are at least the minimum age requirment for voting, not necessarily registered voters
  8. White primary
    Southern states would have democratic primaries, which only allowed whites to vote and were basically the deciding factor in who got the state's vote
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8