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  1. Casual (NOT INTERESTED)
    + not taking or not seeming to take much interest; not caring:
    + The psychologist's attitude seemed far too casual, even brutal.
    + Security around the conference hotel seemed almost casual.
    + Although close to tears, she tried to make her voice sound casual.
    • Adj
    • + tình cờ, ngẫu nhiên, vô tình, không chủ ý
    • + làm không cẩn thận, thiếu chuẩn bị
    • + không để ý, thiếu trách nhiệm, hờ hững
    • + không trịnh trọng, bình thường
    • + không đều, bất thường
    • + Nông cạn
  2. Introduce (MAKE KNOWN)
    + to tell someone another person's name the first time that they meet:
    + I'd like to introduce my younger son, Mark.
    + Have you two been introduced (to each other)?
    • V
    • + giới thiệu, đưa vào, mở đầu
  3. Pant
    to breathe quickly and loudly through your mouth, usually because you have been doing something very energetic:
    + Matteo arrived at the top of the hill, panting and covered in sweat.
    • N
    • + sự thở hổn hển, thở thình thịch
    • + nói hổn hển
  4. Couch (seat, bed, express)
    • N
    • + ghế dài giống nhừ giường
    • + hang (chồn, cáo)
    • Ndt
    • + nằm xuống, nằm dài ra
    • + diễn đạt, diễn tả
    • + ẩn, che đậy
  5. Wear (ON BODY) - Wore - Worn
    + to have clothing, jewellery, etc. on your body:
    + Tracey is wearing a simple black dress.
    + What are you wearing to Caroline's wedding?
    + Some musicians don't like to wear rings when they're playing.
    + He wears glasses for reading.
    + She wears very little makeup.
    • N
    • + sự mặc, những cái để mạc (quần, áo)
    • + sự hao mòm, sự tổn hại, mất chất lượng
    • + mang, đeo, mặc, để
  6. Funky (MUSIC)
    + describes a style of music, usually for dancing to, with a strong, jazz-based rhythm and a tune that repeats itself:
    + Have you heard their new record? It's really funky.
    • Adj
    • + sôi nổi, tân thời, hiện đại
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