Vertebral Column

  1. Flexion
    • Rectus Abdominis
    • Exernal Oblique (bilaterally)
    • Internal Oblique (bilaterally)
    • Psoas major (with the origin fixed)
    • Illiacus (with the origin fixed)
  2. Extension
    • Longissimus (bilaterally)
    • Illiocostalis (bilaterally)
    • Multifidi (bilaterally)
    • Rotatores (bilaterally)
    • Semispinalis Capitis
    • Spinalis (bilaterally)
    • Quadratus Lumborum (assists)
    • Interspinalis
    • Intertransversarii (bilaterally)
    • Latissimus dorsi (assists, when arm is fixed)
  3. Rotation (all unilaterally)
    • External oblique (to the opposite side)
    • Internal oblique (to the same side)
    • Multifidi (to the opposite side)
    • Rotatores (to the opposite side)
  4. Lateral Flexion (unilaterally to the same side)
    • Iliocostalis
    • External Oblique
    • Internal Oblique
    • Longissimus
    • Quadratus Lumborum
    • Psoas Major (assists)
    • Intertransversarii
    • Spinalis
    • Latissimus dorsi (assists)
  5. Elevation/Expansion (involved with inhalation)
    • Anterior scalene (bilaterally)
    • Middle scalene (bilaterally)
    • Posterior scalene (bilaterally)
    • Sternocleidomastoid (assists)
    • External Intercostals (assists)
    • Serratus Posterior Superior
    • Pectoralis Major (all fibers may assist if arm is fixed)
    • pectoralis Minor (if scapula is fixed)
    • Serratus Anterior (if scapula is fixed)
    • Subclavius (first rib)
  6. Depression/Collapse (involved w/ exhalation)
    • Internal Intercostals (assists)
    • Serratus Posterior Inferior
    -muscle actions-
    • Unilaterally: Laterally FLEX vertebral column to the same side
    • Bilaterally: EXTEND the vertebral column
    • Runs from the sacrum to the occiput
  8. What are the Branches of the Erector Spinae Group?
    • Spinalis
    • Longissimus
    • Iliocostalis
  9. When do you use your erectors? (3 from trail guide)
    • Maintaining an upright posture
    • Returning to anatomical position after tying your shoes
    • Picking up a heavy suitcase (lateral flexion)
  10. What are the 3 muscles in the Transversospinalis Group?
    • Multifidi
    • Rotatores
    • Semispinalis Capitis
  11. Multifidi & Rotatores
    -muscle actions-
    • Unilaterally: ROTATE the vertebral column to the opposite side
    • Bilaterally: EXTEND the vertebral column
  12. Semispinalis Capitis
    -muscle actions-
    EXTEND vertebral column and head
  13. When do you use your transverso? (3 from trail guide)
    • Rotating your torso to strap on a seat belt
    • Arching and rotating your spine during a big "power yawn"
    • heaving dirt off a shovel (extension and rotation of spine)
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