1. What is the primary method used to ensure the widest dissemination of maintenance cross-tell information to highlight trends or safety conditions?
    a. SMS
    b. DMS
    c. MMS
    d. DREAMS system
    B. DMS
  2. An IREP meeting is held at least
    a. annually
    b. quarterly
    c. monthly
    d. weekly
    B. quarterly
  3. What off-equipment level of maintenance consists primarily of testing and repair or replacement of component parts?
    a. Depot
    b. Scheduled
    c. Intermediate
    d. Organizational
    C. Intermediate
  4. What type of maintenence is a hybrid of 3LM and 2LM that combines intermediate level maintenance from multiple bases at one location?
    a. Centralized intemediate repair facility.
    b. Two-level maintenance
    c. Regional repair center
    d. Depot
    C. Regional repair center
  5. Regarding the Reliability and Maintainability Program, who is responsible for developing a proactive program to analyze collected data and act accodingly to implement solutions for those systems under their control?
    a. Maintainers
    b. Single managers
    c. Group commanders
    d. Squadron commanders
    B. Single managers
  6. Who is responsible for co-chairing Product Improvement Working Group Meetings with the lead command executive agent?
    a. MAJCOM functional manager
    b. Career field manager
    c. Single manager
    d. Lead engineer
    C. Single manager
  7. What level of OI is published when responsibilties apply to both the operations group and MXG?
    a. Wing
    b. Group
    c. MAJCOM
    d. Numbered AF
    A. Wing
  8. Who does the OPR designate to meet daily responsibilities for administering an OI?
    a. Section NCOIC
    b. Information security program manager
    c. POC
    d. Flight chief
    C. POC
  9. Which MXG organization acts as the OPR for maintenance policy guidance as it pertains to OIs?
    a. Maintenance operations officer
    b. Programs and resources flight
    c. Maintenance training flight
    d. Quality assurance
    D. Quality assurance
  10. What type of support agreement is developed when two or more branches of the military are involved?
    a. Intra-service
    b. Inter-service
    c. International
    d. Inter-command
    B. Inter-service
  11. Which of the following is a general rule you should follow while developing support agreements?
    a. It should cover only one reciever
    b. It should clearly state two suppliers
    c. It may hinder mission accomplishment
    d. It voids existing contracts when they perform the same service
    A. It should cover only one receiver
  12. Once a formal aircraft modification proposal has been submitted, who-in addition to the single point manager and the lead command configuration review board-must approve it?
    a. HQ/USAF/A4M
    b. AF chief of staff
    c. Secretary of the AF
    d. MAJCOM command chief
    A. HQ/USAF/A4M
  13. In addition to the MAJCOM system functional manager,who is consulted on disposition instructionsfor a serially controlled item that does not have a readable serial number?
    a. HQ/USAF/A4M
    b. Cheif/lead engineer
    c. MAJCOM command chief
    d. Air logistics center item manager
    D. Air logistics center item manager
  14. Historical aircraft records are normally centrally located within the possessing unit. Who, if anyone, may authorize the files to be decentralized?
    a. Operations officer
    b. Squadron commander
    c. MXG/CC
    d. AMU/OIC
    C. MXG/CC
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