french vocab

  1. une cite
    a concentration of HLM in the surroundings of big cities where immigrants generally live
  2. le chomage
  3. se replier sur soi-meme
    to retire within oneself
  4. faire recette
    to be a draw
  5. une enquete
    a survey
  6. une fidele
    a believer
  7. etre encadre
    to be monitered
  8. un service d'ordre
    people in charge of maintaining order
  9. un enchevetrement
    an entanglement
  10. de part d'autre
    on both sides
  11. saigner
    to bleed
  12. arriver a boucler ses dins de moins
    to get to pay the end of the months bill
  13. s'endurcir
    to become hardened
  14. se cotoyer
    to mix
  15. un gamin
    a kid
  16. un centre commercial
    a shopping centre
  17. une charcuterie
    a delicatessen
  18. un commercant
    a shopkeeper
  19. un commece
    a business
  20. on s'en fichait
    we didnt care
  21. un enjeu
    a stake
  22. faire du chemin
    to come a long way
  23. voiker
    to veil
  24. sans repit
    without respite
  25. un gros mot
    a coarse expression
  26. ca merite le detour
    its worth the trip
  27. un foulard
    a scarf
  28. virer des eleves
    to kick out students
  29. boucher
    to block
  30. je kif
    ca me plait bien
  31. tant que
    as long as
  32. laicite
  33. laic,laique
    non religious
  34. se ramener
    to turnup, to come
  35. sale pute
    nasty whore
  36. sa creve les yeux
    its staring you in the face
  37. habille en jogging
    to be dressed in a jogging suit
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