Reproduction of cells;Mitosis

  1. Mitosis
    The stage of the cell cycle where the nucleus divides
  2. Interphase
    The stage of the cell cycle where the cell PREPARES to divide

    G1, S, G2,
  3. Mitosis: Prophase
    • A.chromatin condenses to into visible chromosomes
    • B. Mitotic Spindle form in cytoplasm between centriole pairs; lengthens as microtube grows.
  4. Mitosis: Prometaphase
    • A. Nuclear Envelope fragments
    • B. Mitotic Spindle invades Nucleus
    • C. Microtubules bind chromatids at kinetochores
  5. Mitosis: Metaphase
    • A. Centrosomes at opposite ends of cell
    • B. Chromosomes (attached to MT's) line up at metaphase plate (center of cell)
  6. Mitosis: Anaphase
    • Sister chromatids seperate and are pulled toward opposite poles.
    • Kinetochore MT's shorten at the ends
    • Motor proteins "walk" along MT's to pull chromatids
    • non - kintochore MT's get longer and slide past each other
  7. Mitosis: Telophase
    • A. Nuclear envelope reform (now two sepertare nuclei)
    • B. Chromosomes partly unfold
    • Cytokinesis (start during telophase)
  8. Cytokinesis
    Microfilaments under plasma membrane princh in; form cleavage fullow to squeeze cell in half
  9. Centromere
    Duplicated chromosomes has 2 sister chromotids attacted at the centromere
  10. Centriole
    Rectangular structures that are copied during the late part of interphase; pull on spindle fibers
  11. Chromatid
    Two of them make up a chromosome
  12. What is the longest phase in cell cycle?
    • Interphase, usually takes 18 hours
    • The M phase takes about 6 hours
    • It takes a cell one day to divide
  13. What's the longest phase in mitosis?
    The metaphase is the longest phase of mitosis
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