Short Story Vocabulary

  1. palpable
    [easily noticable, almost able to touch or fell]
  2. tangible
    [capable of being percieved by touch]
  3. ennui
  4. palatial
    [like a palace]
  5. chateau
    [castle or fortress]
  6. leer
    [a look with evil intent]
  7. gargoyle
    [grotesquely carved figure placed on builinding to ward off evil]
  8. quarry
    [prey, pursued or sought after]
  9. condone
    [excuse, treat as acceptable]
  10. precarious
    [dependent on chance]
  11. opiate
    [something that induces rest]
  12. placid
    [serene, clam, peaceful]
  13. aristocrat
    [member of the upper class, a noble]
  14. bluff
    high sttep bank or cliff
  15. manifest
    [reveal, show, or dislplay]
  16. intermittent
    [not continuous, coming and going at intervals]
  17. regress
    [to go back to a previous state]
  18. dowry
    [money, goods, or property a woman brings to her husband in marriage]
  19. disconsolate
    [dejected, downcast, cheerless]
  20. exorbitant
    [exceeding the normal amount]
  21. aperture
    [opening, hole, or crack]
  22. retribution
    [deserved punishment or retailiation]
  23. immolation
    [being killed as a sacrifice]
  24. jest
    [joke or witty remark]
  25. hearken
    [to listen]
  26. implore
    [to beg]
  27. gimlet
    [a small tool with a screw point, grooved shank, and cross handle for boring holes]
  28. blissful
    [full of, abounding in joy]
  29. averted
    [to turn away or aside in avoidance]
  30. stout
  31. eavesdrop
    [to listen secretly to what is said in private]
  32. erudite
    [characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly]
  33. discourse
    [verbal interchange of ideas; a formal and orderly and usually extended expression of thought on a subject]
  34. uncanny
    [strange or unfamiliar]
  35. travesty
    [a debased, distorted, or grossly inferior imitation]
  36. sibling
    • [one of two or more individuals having one
    • parent in common]
  37. disposition
    [prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination]
  38. loophole
    • [means of escape; especially an ambiguity or
    • omission in a text thorough which the intent of a statute, a contract, or obligation may be evaded]
  39. monstrous
    [shocking wrongly or ridiculous]
  40. heinous
    [shockingly wrong or evil]
  41. dubious
    [questionable or suspect as to the true nature or quality]
  42. infuriate
    [to make etremely angry]
  43. eddy
    [move in a circular motion]
  44. pungent
    [a sharp or intense smell]
  45. nostalgia
    [wishing to return to the past]
  46. pane
    [a framed sheet of glass in a window or door]
  47. despair
    [utter loss of hope]
  48. rapt
    [wholly absorbed, transported with emotion]
  49. tanquil
    [peaceful or calm]
  50. congealed
    [to change from a soft to a rigid state]
  51. exasperated
    [irritated to a high degree]
  52. consoling
    [alliviating grief or sorrow]
  53. mar
    [blemish or scar]
  54. hersey
    [against accepted doctrine or belief]
  55. untenanted
    [not rented or occupied]
  56. infallible
    [absolutely trustworthy or sure]
  57. vermillion
    [brillant, scarlet red]
  58. imminent
    [ready to take place]
  59. genial
    [warmly and pleasantly cheerful]
  60. demeaning
    [to lower in dignity, honor, or standing]
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