PD Breasts

  1. Contraction of breast smooth muscle results in:
    emptying of milk ducts
  2. approximately 75% of females are menstruating by which tanner stage of breast development?
    stage 4
  3. during pregnancy, the following change normally occurs in the breasts due to effects of luteal and placental hormones:
    alveoli increase in size and number
  4. Which breast change is typical after menopause?
    thickening of the inframammary ridge
  5. a 50 year old woman presents as a new patient. which finding in her personal and social history would increase her risk profile for developing breast cancer?
  6. Venous patterns on breasts are suggestive of pathology when they are:
  7. Which of the following is a common benign variation in the breasts of a pregnant woman?
    bilateral pronounced venous patterns
  8. Palpation of the nipple is done by:
    compressing it between thumb and forefinger
  9. when examining axillary lymph nodes, the patient's are is
    flexed at the elbow
  10. lymphatic flow of the breast primarily drains:
    toward the clavicle
  11. the greatest concern for breast cancer is when you palpate__nodes.
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