chapter 11 urinary system

  1. Nephr/o
  2. ren/o
  3. pyel/o
    kidney pelvis
  4. ureter/o
  5. cyst/o
  6. vesic/o
  7. glomerul/o
  8. Urethr/o
  9. meat/o
  10. peritone/o
  11. ur/o
  12. py/o
  13. keton/o
    ketone bodies
  14. glomerulonephritis
    inflamation of the kidney glomeruli
  15. pyelomephritis
    inflamation of the kidney pelvis
  16. cystitis
    inflamations of the urinary bladder
  17. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
    infection of the urinary tract
  18. Acute renal failure
    Gradual failure of the kidney to perform it's functions.
  19. End Stage Renal Disease ( ESRD)
    permanent loss of kidney function

    it requires dialysis for life or kidney transplant
  20. Polycystic Kidney
    Heredity disease characterized by the formation of many cyst in the kidney
  21. Hydronepherosis
    Accumulation of excessive amunts of urine in the uterter
  22. nephro lithiasis
    fromation of stones in the kidney or any part of the urinary tract
  23. Nephrotic syndrome
    • A condition characterized by:
    • Protein
    • Edema
    • Hypertension
  24. Incontinence (Eunoresis)
    Inabilaty to control urine
  25. Stress Incontinence
    • Leakage of small amount of urine during Strus:
    • Caughing
    • Laughing
    • Sneezing
  26. Dysuria
    Painful or difficult urination
  27. Oliguria
    Small amount of urine
  28. polyuria
    Lare amount of urine
  29. Anuria
    Absense of urine production
  30. Hematuria
    Blood in urine
  31. nocturia
    Excessive urination at nght
  32. Frequency
    More frequent urination
  33. Urgency
    Desire to urinate immediately
  34. Urinalyisis (UA)
    • Examining a urine specimen:
    • Physical
    • Chemical
    • Microscpic
  35. Culture and sensitivity (C&S)
    Growing bacteria in urine and testing its sensitivity to various antibiotics
  36. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    Blood test to check the kidne function
  37. Ultrasound
    Examining the kidney and other internal oragans using high frequency sound waves
  38. Radiographic (X-rays)
    • Kidney, Ureter, Bladder (KUB)
    • Plain X-rays For the kidney, Ureter and bladder
  39. Intracenous pyelography(IUP)
    Radiographic examination of the kidney pelvis ureter and bladder after IV injection of dye.
  40. Radiographic (cont)
    Ratograde pyelography pelvis after injection a contrast medium trough the urethra.
  41. Cystourethrography
    Radiographic examination of the urinary bladder and urethra.
  42. computed tomography
    Radiography imaging of the bod at differnt angles
  43. cytoscopy
    visual examination of the urinary bladder
  44. urethroscopy
    visual examination of the urethra
  45. nephoscopy
    Visual examination of the kidney
  46. Neuphropexy
    Surgical removal of a kidney
  47. Ueterectomy
    Surgical removal of the ureter
  48. Ureteroplasty
    Surgical repair of the ureter
  49. Urethrotomy
    making an insicion into the urethra to treat urethral stricture (narrowing)
  50. Urethrostomy
    Creating an opening between the urethra
  51. Hemodialysis
    Removal of toxins from the blood
  52. peritoneal Dialysis
    removal of toxins by filtration through the peritoneum
  53. Lithotripsy
    Crushing of kidney stone
  54. GU
  55. AGN
    Acute Glomerolonephritis
  56. CRF
    Chronic remal Failure
  57. ESRD
    End Stgage Renal Disease
  58. KUB
    Kidney Ureter, Bladder
  59. IVP
    Intravenous Pyelography
  60. RP
    Retograde Pyelography
  61. IVU
    Intravenous Urography
  62. BUN
    Blood Urea Nitrogen
  63. CATH
  64. Cysto
  65. HD
  66. K
  67. Na
  68. UTI
    Urinary Tract Infection
  69. UA
    Urine Analysis
  70. C&S
    Culture and Sensitivity
  71. SP. Gr
    Specific Gravity
  72. SG
    Specific Gravity
  73. pH
    Power of hydrogen (measure of acidity)
  74. ESWL
    Extracorporeal Shack Wave Lithotripsy
  75. Orch/o
  76. Orchi/o
  77. Orchid/o
  78. test/o
  79. didym/o
  80. epididym/o
  81. ponad/o
    sex gland
  82. prostate/o
  83. vas/o
  84. vesicul/o
    semnal vesicle
  85. baland/o
    gland penis
  86. sperm/o
  87. varic/o
    dialated veins
  88. spermat/o
  89. andr/o
  90. crypt/o
  91. Andreochidism
    absence of one or both testes
  92. cryptochidism
    hidden testes to descind to the scrotum
  93. balanitis
    inflamation of the glands penis
  94. Phimosis
    narrowing opening in the foreskin
  95. hypospadia
    The urethra opens on the under surface of the penis
  96. epispadia
    The eurethra opens of the upper surface of the penis (dorsome)
  97. hydrocele
    Accumulation of fluid around the testes
  98. varico Cele
    dialated and twisted veins in the sermatic cord around the testes
  99. Aspermia
    no Sperm
  100. Oligospermia
    Low sperm count
  101. Sterility(infertility)
    Inabilaty to produce babies
  102. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    Inabilaty to have or mantain erection
  103. Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
    Non malignant enlargement of the prostate
  104. Digital Exam(DRE)
    Examination of semen for sperm count
  105. Orchidectomy
    Surgical removal of the testis
  106. Vasectomy
    cutting the cas deference on both sides method of contraception
  107. Circumcision
    Surgical removal of foreskin
  108. Prostatectomy
    Surgical removal of the prostate
  109. BPH
    Benign Prostatic hypertrophy
  110. PSA
    Prostate specific antigen
  111. ED
    Erectile Dysfunction
  112. PED
    Penile Erctile dysfuction
  113. DRE
    Digita Rectal Examination
  114. TURP
    Transurethral Resection of the Prostate
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