Syntax Files F2

  1. basic passives
    • applies to simple transitive verbs
    • theme argument is realized as subject
    • agent argument downgraded to oblique/suppressed
  2. impersonal passives
    no argument is upgraded following downgrading of agent
  3. expletive
    • 'non-referring' element equivalent to English it or there
    • It seems that there are three people at the door.
  4. pseudo-passive
    subject corresponds to object of preposition in matching active structures

    • active: several people have already talked about that idea.
    • passive: that idea has already been talked about by several people.
  5. indirect or adversity (adversative) passive
    • experiencer occurs as subject
    • frequently have an 'adversative' meaning in that the referent of the subject is seen as adversely affected by situation described in sentence
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