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  1. who is Francis Hopkinson
    1st America-born composer
  2. what instrument did Thomas Jefferson play?
  3. why did puritans have problems with music?
    they thought god is the only one who should be seducing you
  4. who is Willima Billings?
    what piece did he compose?
    • American hymn composer
    • Chester
  5. American national anthem was originally a...
    drinking tune
  6. what was the significance of the piece Warren?
    music helped people get over deaths
  7. 3 functions of military music
    • give signals and pass orders in battle
    • regulate the military day in camp/quarters
    • excite cheerfulness in soldiers
  8. typical form of a march
  9. Yankee doodle was played when?
    after Americans won something
  10. Frank Shubert composed...
    • North American Folk Tune
    • sounds like Yankee Doodle
  11. origin of Yankee Doodle
    • 17th century Dutch
    • making fun of British colonists
  12. Yankee Doodle is known as what in England?
    Lucy Locket
  13. lyrics of Yankee Doodle Dandy
    riding a pony:
    stuck a feather in the hat:
    • riding pony: not rich enough
    • stuck a feather in the hat: trying to be fashionable with native American thing ()
    • macaroni: can't speak well
  14. who was Napoleon's favorite composer?
  15. Marche Iugubre is what type of march?
    funeral march
  16. France used to celebrate their king, but that changed after...
    • the French Revolution
    • celebration of unity of republic
  17. tempi of French Revolution marches
  18. The Internationale's lyrics were written by
    Eugene Pottier
  19. The Internationale was written as
    a revolutionary song against German monarchy
  20. national anthem of any communism party was
    The Internationale
  21. Igor Stravinsky's March From Trois Pieces Faciles sounds like
    a horror film music
  22. Billy Baskette composed
    Good-bye Broadway, Hello France!
  23. significance of Good-bye Broadway, Hello France!
    • join the army!
    • pay the debt by helping the revolution
    • spread the liberty
  24. who wrote Over There?
    George M. Cohan
  25. significance of Over There
    • we, Americans, help the French
    • for soldiers to sing
  26. difference between sommunism and socialism
    • communism: classless society. utopia
    • socialism: state of society reaching communism
  27. who is John Heartfield?
    made photo montages commenting what's happening
  28. Hanns Eisler wrote what kind of music
    political music
  29. strangement
    take an ordinary contenc and make it not familiar
  30. Love Song of a Widower
    who wrote it?
    what is it about?
    • Hanns Eisler
    • a man looking for a new wife
  31. Bertoit Brecht
    • poet interested in ordinary peopel music
    • marxist
  32. why was Hitler so successful?
    he included everyone in his campaign
  33. the Nurenberg Laws
    racial laws by Nazis
  34. difference between fascism and socialism/communism
    • sommunism murdered political enemies
    • Nazism murdered based on biology
  35. what was special about Jewish passports?
    • women: middle name Sarah
    • man: middle name Isreal
  36. how did Nazis think of Arnold Schoenberg?
    • crazy composer
    • anotnal
  37. name some of the people who were degenerated
    • Arnold Schoenberg
    • Hanns Eisler
    • Alban Berg
    • Anton Webern
    • Igor Stravisnky
  38. the Reichsmusikkarmmer
    • structure that all German "pure" music followed
    • Wagner
  39. musicians who made career in Nazis
    • Herbert von Karajan (conductor)
    • Carl Orff (composer)
  40. what did Richard Strauss think about Nazis?
    he didn't see anything wrong with it
  41. name some of the people who exiled to US
    • Hannah Arendt
    • Eduard Steuermann
    • Autur Schnabel
    • Arturo Toscannini
    • Albert Einstein
    • Paul Hindemith
  42. name some of the people who exiled to Hollywood
    • Charlie Chaplin
    • Archold Schoenberg
    • Igor Stravisnky
    • Theodor W. Adorno
  43. Theodor W. Adorno
    • philosopher
    • Dialectic of Enlightenment
  44. Dialectic of Enlightenment
    • described what had happened to Nazi Germany
    • culture and intelligence is NOT a defense against crime
  45. Stalingrad
    end of wins of Nazis
  46. Buchwnward
    where one of the concentration camp was located
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