chap 18

  1. steptococcus pyogenes group a beta strep virulence
    m.protein -fimriae attachment,avoids phagocytosis CAPSULE-anti-phagocite
  2. stepococcus pyogenes group a toxin and enzymes
    hemolysins -hyalurondase and kinase-s[pread,erythrogenic toxin-rash,desquamation,heat PYROGENIC TOXIN-destroys skin,muscle,causes shock
  3. streptococcus pyogenes dieseases
    impetigo,necrotizing fascitis,superantigen,pharymgitis,scarlet fever,acute glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever
  4. group b streptococcus s.agalactiae is what in humans at 10 to 40percent
    a normal flora in humans
  5. group b streptococcus s.agalactiae tranmission rate 2 newborns
  6. what may pervent transmission of group b s. agalactiae
    propylaxis antibiotic
  7. s.agalactiae disease percent onsets
    bacteremia 60per PNEUMONIA 30PER MENINGITIS 10PER of these 50per have neurological stuff low birthrate at risk
    most common cause of pneumonia 10percent moritity in us with some carriers
  9. steptococcus virulence factors
    can attach using capsule(anti phagcytic PNEUMOKYSIN cytotic for many cells preventing ciliary motion MUSCINASE excapes mucus trap
  10. symptoms streptococcus pneumoniae causes
    pneumonia(sudden chills,air spaces filled),otis media,meningitis may reach 20 to 30 death
  11. treatment for streptococcus pnemonia
    may be resistant to penicillin, routine childhood vaccination,vaccine for elderly vaccine only 50 to 60percent effevtive
  12. gram neg. neisseria gonorrhoea popularity and why so popular
    350,000 to 450,000 new cases a yr, asymptomatic
  13. virulance factors of gonorrhoea
    pili,destroys iga at mucosal surface of gi tract,survives phagtosis and superbug
  14. neisseria gonorrhoea can spread and cause what
    spread pharnyx and anorectal artritis .5-3per and meningitis rare
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