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  1. What is a Pictographic?
    the use of images to represent meaning
  2. How did Writing begin?
    with pictures
  3. WHat is a homophes?
    words that sound the same (like ryming words)
  4. What languages were on the Rosetta Stone?
    Had Hyroglipics, egyptain, and greek
  5. Syllalaries are what? example?
    Where you have 1 character that represents 1 constant and 1 vowel. Japaness is an example
  6. What is a Corpus?
    Data on words, sounds, Ect. (a list)
  7. What is an example of a courpus?
    to find out if ng(ng sound phoneme) starts at the begining we use a courpus.
  8. What is a Creal Language? example?
    A Language that a new liguistic form is created in the brain. Kria
  9. What is Diaspera? Example?
    A language without Country or when they leave there homeland. Roma/Sign Language/jewish.
  10. When did Indo Arian loose it's nutral gender classification?
    New Indo Arian
  11. WHen did the Roma Show up in europe?
    around 1,200
  12. Boushaski?
    a language isolate that is unrelated to other languages
  13. What is a Symantic Group?
    WOrds that mean the same thing
  14. What is Koine?
    When u have a lot of people speaking the same language but they are very different
  15. What is Leveling?
    WHen koines which are closely related dialets, work out a compramise. one will give to the other.
  16. What is an example of a koine?
    if we said yall up north or pop/soda/coke
  17. Why did english pick up latin words? Example?
    religion and trade. Vinum (wine)
  18. When did the romans leave the british isles?
  19. What is Idographic,
    Pictures that stand for images but as so the association of the picture/
  20. What is an example of Idographic? how did they distiguish
    picture of old man could mean old man or old age.usually classifiers
  21. What is a Language Universal?
    all languages share certain aspects.
  22. What are some examples of Language universals?
    Negations, Oposition paris such as on and off
  23. What is a Language Tendency?
    Things that are commonly found in languages but not nessasarly all
  24. What is a Fragmentation belt
    Places were there are many languages in a small area.
  25. What is an example of a Fragmentation belt?
    the west African Coast
  26. What is a mixed language?
    Incorporating another language into yours or someone elses.
  27. How do mix languages work? and what is an example
    adopts the symantics or lexicons. most languages have properties of other languages. in class we read Night be for christimas with english and spanish
  28. What is Decrealization (what happened to the kriol)
    When creal speakers adopt there colonization language. Krial speakers that had contact with english adopted the english and lost the krial
  29. What is an example of the LAH?
    The wifes that lancquados married learned languages easier because they were bilingual already
  30. when did the germanic people come into the british isles?
  31. What was different about the germans coming in from the romans?
    they were not christians like the roman. They had there own dieties.
  32. What was the name of the Celtics religion
  33. What is the history of religion in british isles between the romans, celtics, anglo saxens
    Romans brought christ, the celtics keept it, the anglo saxens changed it
  34. When did the latin people come back?
  35. What problem did the roman church have when lain came back to british
    the celtics religon had not changed because it had become isolated, thus it nolonger conformed to the modern version
  36. What happened with William the Concurer in 1066?
    He defeated the english and the Normans took over (they spoke Norman French)
  37. What is significant about the take over of the normans?
    another influence on english
  38. What year did the french take over?
  39. What happened when the french took over in 1204
    the english now had to learn parisian french instead of the norse french they just learned
  40. WHen was the great vowel shift?
    15th centery
  41. WHat did the great vowel shift do?
    moved the place of articulation up (low vowels whent to middle lower)
  42. Could vowel shifts be changing today?
    yes such as a -> ae
  43. What does LBH stand for and what does it mean?
    Language Bioprogram hypothosis, we have in our dna a structure.
  44. What is creolizatio?
    Its where a language is no longer the same language, aka masive language change because of social aspects.

    • What is an example of creolization?
    • When women did not colonize central american tropics they lost woman type words. also Krio in siara Leon is an example
  45. What is ortheph?
    A way to detemin the pronouciation of words form early times using ryhiming/songs.
  46. What is an example of ortheph?
    sherbert instead of sherbet. and sail english because of the mispellings
  47. Who did the resurch on sailer and their log books?
  48. What was the coasting trade and when was it started?
    the movement of people around the coast on small ships that traveled from port to port. the middle ages when roads were dangerous
  49. WHat is Occupational Registry? example?
    A variety of your speach that relates to your occupation. Sailor (ship english) or laywer speak
  50. What is a Lancado?
    Where the sailors would stay in africa permanitly instead of returning home
  51. What does LAD stand for and mean?
    ALanguage Aquition Device. A switch that turns off if you reach adalensence as a monolinguist. reason its easy to learn language as a child and when you do it will always be easier to aquire a new language
  52. What does Calque mean?
    letting the interpretation one language turn into another.
  53. What is an example of calque?
    The chinese say open the light to mean our turn on the light so thats how they would say it in english
  54. What type of language did the lancado's use and what did it become?
    Ship english turned into costal english which was a linga franca
  55. Who were the Grumetto(s)?
    tribal africans that were the first to earn wages. they were proters
  56. What is a Language Univeral?
    a pattern that occurs systamaticly accross natural languages.
  57. What is an example of a Language Univeral?
    in Kria the word belly means all the same english meanings plus others such as womb, pregnate, ect
  58. A languages tense means what?
  59. A languages Aspect means what?
    how it happened
  60. What is an example?
    I see you vs. I am seeing you
  61. A languages aspect can be split into what 2 subsects?
    Progressive and habitual
  62. WHat does progressive aspect mean?
    something is in progress
  63. What does habitual aspect mean?
    is something you do all of the time
  64. What is the difference between Kria, Creale, creale?
    Kria= specific language (french, russian), Creale, A person (ethnicity sortof), creal=type of language (creal french in louisianna)
  65. What is a Silibarie?
    Writting systems syboles does not stand for a soun but a sylabol. Usually in Japanese, or cherocke
  66. What is Orthoeply,
    uses splling(misspellings) as a guide to pronounciation. ALso uses rhymes, like how poets would rhyme words that don't rhyme now.
  67. When was Orphoeply used.
    To determin the prounciation of ship english.
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