Digi IV final

  1. Midi thru in PT
    Enables you to monitor a midi inst
  2. Midi connector contains ___ pins, ___ are unused and for future expansion

    • 5
    • 2
  3. Quick key for session set up window
    CMD + 2
  4. Omni mode on would recieve data from up to ___ midi channals
    16 channels
  5. what is found in the click count off window
    • Set the midi output channel of the click
    • set the count off duration
    • set the click to play only during record
  6. which is not a time operation
    -change meter
    -insert time
    -move song start
  7. how many ticks in a 1/16th note?
  8. midi beat clock is based on ____ pulses per quarter note
  9. Local control should always be left ___ when recording midi from a synth into PT
  10. menu lets you change the default midi thru instrument
    Set up > Preferences
  11. How many tempo modes are there in pt
    2 manual and conductor
  12. Tick based tracks are relative to session's temp.. t or f
  13. 4 things to trouble shoot if no midi signal into PT
    • -Check if AMS is set correctly
    • -Midi Thru is enabled
    • -check cables
    • -make sure midi interface is enabled
  14. 2 ways to insert a meter event in a pt session
    • control click on the meter bar
    • dbl click the + on the meter bar
  15. the select/split notes function is found in the
    event > operations window
  16. absolute time scales
    • min|sec
    • samples

    but not bars|beats
  17. AMS is used on which systems
  18. the midi thru port on the back of a synth is a copy of the
    midi input port
  19. which of the following params in the grid/ groove quantize window controls the degree that a midi note is moved toward a gridline?
  20. what creates a new restore to state for the specified note attributes in the restore performance operation?
    flatten performance
  21. what tools are avail with the pencil tool while editing midi notes?
    grab, pencil, trim
  22. menu to enable the MTC generator port?
    set up > peripherals
  23. PT online quick key
    CMD+ J
  24. midi devices use___ bit processors
  25. MTC is specifiec to certain MIDI channesl
  26. the first codes sent in a midi message are known as ____ bytes
  27. what would make PT chase incoming time code?
    put PT online
  28. what would contain data used to synch midi sequencers?
    • system common messages
    • system real time messages
  29. which files would contain data specific to a midi inst patch params?
    system exclusibe messages
  30. midi track ofsets may be entered in which timescales?
  31. film is shot and projected at
    24 FPS
  32. can serve as a clock source for tape machines and digial audio rec devices
    black burst
  33. which beat detective operations works with adio and midi?
    • bar beat marker gen
    • groove template extraction
  34. what would most likely be the grid resolution for a session in 9/8 time?
    dotted quarter note
  35. ___ can be recorded onto analog tape tracks
  36. Time compression/expansion plug-ins can change the length of a region w/o changing the
  37. session's frame rate maybe changed from the
    session set up window
  38. grid resolution for a session in 6/8
    dotted quarter note
  39. allows you to confugure the PT click so it triggers an external drum module?
    click/countoff options window
  40. frame rate used for audio only apps
    30 FPS
  41. time code frame rates used for color video in the US
  42. film is shot and projected at
    24 fps
  43. ____ is recorded as part of a video signal
  44. delete tempo event
    option + click
  45. Midi thru in PT
    enables you to monitor a midi inst
  46. midi info is sent in packets consisting of
    status bytes and data bytes
  47. how many ticks in a quarter note
  48. when playing a midi inst live on stage local control should be
  49. rec a midi inst locoal controls should be
  50. menu to change song start marker
    event > time operations
  51. a channel voice message
    program change
  52. messages that are channel specific
    • control change
    • polyphonic aftertouch
    • pitch bend change
  53. would allow for transport control of a tape deck
    midi machine control
  54. how many midi channels can be transmitted over a single midi cable?
  55. Midi data has values between
  56. midi status bytes have values between
  57. MIDI recomended practices
    • midi machine control
    • midi show control
    • standard midi files
    • general midi
  58. most commonly used mode?
    omni off/ poly
  59. specific example of MIDI clock reference
    MIDI beat clock
  60. 2 examples of midi positional reference
    MTC and song position pointer
  61. how many values can be represented by a 4-bit word?
  62. true or false, omni mode on would recieve midi data on any channel
  63. midi thru port contaimns same data as the midi ____ port
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