Rnur Abbr 0,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z

  1. O2
  2. OA
  3. OB
  4. OD, O.D.
    right eye; doctor of optometry
  5. OR
    operating room
  6. ORIF
    • open reduction plus internal fixation
    • (to set a broken bone)
  7. ORTH, ortho.
    orthopedics or orthopaedics
  8. os
  9. OS
    left eye
  10. OSA
    obstructive sleep apnea
  11. OT
    occupational therapy
  12. OU
    each eye
  13. OV
    office visit
  14. ~P
    after, following
  15. P
    plan; posterior; pulse; phosphorus; pupil; pressure
  16. PA
    • posterioranterior (back to front)
    • pulmonary artery
  17. PAC
    premature atrial contraction
  18. PaCO2, PaCO2
    • arterial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood;
    • may also be written "arterial PCO2"
  19. PACS
    picture archival communications system
  20. palp
    palpable; palpation
  21. PaO2, PaO2
    • arterial pressure of oxygen in the blood;
    • may also be writen "arterial PO2"
  22. Pap smear
    • Papincolaou smear
    • (preparation of the cells from the cervix and vagina for microscopic examination)
  23. para
    paracentesis (abdominocentesis)
  24. Para 1,2,3
    • a woman who has produced 1,2,3 viable offspring;
    • unipara, bipara, tripara
  25. p.c., pc
    after meals
  26. PCI
    percutaneous coronary intervention
  27. PE
    physical exam; pulmonary embolus
  28. PEEP
    positive end expiratory pressure
  29. per
  30. PERRLA
    pupils equal, round, reactive to light & accomodation
  31. PET
    positron emission tomography
  32. PE tube
    pressure equalizing tube (for eardrum)
  33. PFT
    pulmonary function test
  34. pH
    • hydrogen ion conentration
    • (measure of acidity/alkalinity)
  35. PI
    present illness
  36. PID
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  37. PKU
    • phenylketonuria
    • (disease due to lack of an enzyme in infants)
  38. PM
    afternoon; postmortem
  39. PMH
    past medical history
  40. PMS
    premenstrual syndrome
  41. PND
    paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea; postnsasl drip
  42. p/o
  43. p.o.; po
    by mouth
  44. polys
    polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils)
  45. poplit
  46. post-op
    after operation
  47. PP
    after meals; after birth (postpartum)
  48. PPD
    purified protein derivatiev (skin test for TB)
  49. pre-op
    before operation
  50. prep
    prepare for
  51. p.r.n., prn
    as needed
  52. procto
    proctoscopy (visual exam of anus & rectus)
  53. pro time
    prothrombin time (test of blood clotting)
  54. PSA
    prostate-specific antigen (screening test for prostate cancer)
  55. pt
  56. PT
    physical therapy; prothrombin time
  57. PTA
    prior to admission (to hospital)
  58. PTCA
    percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (balloon angioplasty)
  59. PTH
    parathyroid hormone
  60. PTR
    patient to return
  61. PTSD
    post traumatic stress disorder
  62. PTT
    partial thromboplastic time (test of blood clotting)
  63. PVD
    premature ventricular contraction (abnormal heart rhythm)
  64. PVT
    paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia
  65. PWB
    partial weight bearing
  66. Px
  67. q
  68. q.d., qd
    each day
  69. q.h., qh
    every hour
  70. q2h
    every 2 hours
  71. q.i.d., qid
    four times a day
  72. q.n., qn
    each night
  73. q.s., qs
    quanitity sufficient
  74. qt
  75. R, r
    right; respiration
  76. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis, right atrium
  77. rad
    radiation absorbed dose
  78. RBC, rbc
    red blood cell (count)
  79. REM
    rapid eye movement
  80. RIA
    radioimmunoassay (minute quanitites are measured)
  81. RLQ
    right lower quadrant (of the abdomen)
  82. R/O, r/o
    rule out
  83. ROM
    range of motion
  84. ROS
    review of systems
  85. RP
    retrograde pyelography (urography)
  86. RR
    recover room; respiration rate
  87. RRR
    regular rate and rhythm (of the heart)
  88. RT
    radiation therapy; recreational therapy, rad tech
  89. RUQ
    right upper quadrant (of abdomen)
  90. RV
    right ventricle (of the heart)
  91. Rx
    treatment; therapy; prescription
  92. ~S
    without (sine)
  93. S1,S2
    first sacral vertebra, second sacral vertebra
  94. S-A node
    sinoatrial node (pacemaker of the heart)
  95. SAD
    seasonal affective disorder
  96. SARS
    severe acute respiratory syndrome
  97. SBFT
    • small bowel follow through
    • (xrays of the small intestine with contrast)
  98. sed rate
    • erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    • (time it takes RBCs to settle out of blood)
  99. segs
    segemented white blood cells (granulocytes)
  100. SERM
    selective estrogen receptor modulator (ie tamoxifen)
  101. s.gl.
    without glasses
  102. SGOT
    • aspartate transasminase
    • formerly called SGOT
  103. SGPT
    • alanine transaminase
    • formerly called SGPT
  104. SH
    social history; serum hepatitis
  105. sig.
    "let it be labeled" (directions or medical instructions)
  106. SIDS
    sudden infant death syndrome
  107. SIRS
    • systemic inflammatory response syndrome
    • (severe bacteremia)
  108. SLE
    systemic lupus erythematosus
  109. SMA-12
    • blood chem profile including 12 different studies or assays
    • (sequential multiple analysis)
  110. SOAP
    subjective data, objective data, assessment, plan
  111. SOB
    shortness of breath
  112. S/P, s/p
    status post (previous disease condition)
  113. SPECT
    single photon emission computed tomography
  114. sp.gr.
    specific gravity
  115. SQ
  116. SSRI
    selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (antidepressant drug)
  117. staph
  118. STAT, stat
  119. STD
    sexually transmitted disease
  120. strep
  121. sub-Q
  122. Sx
    signs and symptoms
  123. Sz
  124. T
    temperature; time
  125. T1, T2
    first thoracic vertebra, second thoracic vertebra
  126. T3
    triiodothyronine (thyroid gland hormone)
  127. T4
    thyroxine (thyroid gland hormone)
  128. T&A
    tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  129. tab
  130. TAB
    therapeutic abortion
  131. TAH-BSO
    total abdominal hysterectomy-bilateral salingo-oophorectomy
  132. TB
  133. T cells
    lymphocytes originating in the thymus gland
  134. TEE
    transesophageal eachocardiography
  135. TENS
    transcutaenous electrical nerve stimulator
  136. TFT
    thyroid function test
  137. THR
    total hip replacement
  138. TIA
    transient ischemic attack
  139. t.i.d., tid
    three times a day
  140. TLC
    total lung capacity
  141. TM
    tympanic membrane
  142. TMJ
    temporomandibular joint
  143. TNM
    tumor-node-metastasis (staging system for cancer)
  144. TPN
    total parenteral nutrition
  145. TPR
    temperature, pulse, respiration
  146. TSH
    thyroid-stimulating hormone
  147. TUR, TURP
    transurethral resection of the prostate gland
  148. TVH
    total vaginal hysterectomy
  149. Tx
  150. UA, U/A
  151. UE
    upper extremity
  152. UGI
    upper gastrointestinal
  153. umb
    navel (umbilical cord region)
  154. ung
  155. U/O
    urine output
  156. URI
    upper respiratory infection
  157. U/S, u/s
  158. UTI
    urinary tract infection
  159. UV
  160. VA
    visual activity
  161. VATS
    video-assisted thorascopy
  162. VC
    vital capacity (of lungs)
  163. VCUG
    voiding cystourethrogram
  164. VEGF
    vascular endothelial growth factor
  165. VF
    visual field; ventricular fibrillation
  166. VS, V/S
    vital signs; versus
  167. VSD
    ventricular septal defect
  168. VSS
    vital signs stable
  169. V tach, VT
    ventricular tachycardia (abnormal heart rhythm)
  170. WBC, wbc
    white blood cell (count)
  171. W/C
  172. wd
  173. WDWN
    well developed and well nourished
  174. WNL
    within normal limits
  175. WT, wt
  176. w/u
  177. XRT
    radiation therapy
  178. y,yr
  179. y/o
    years old
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Rnur Abbr 0,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z
Rnur Abbr 0,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z