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  1. Steps in listing an endangered species
    • Notice explaining about the species and information
    • Information published with other old data to “Federal Register”
    • DOI or DOC makes proposal in Federal Register to list species and designates critical habitat
    • Anyone can comment, yet biologists are only imp
    • Delisted or declassified species taken off list when they recover
  2. Why listing endangered species is hard
    • Exact biology of animal not always know
    • People think that bc one seg of population low in number that whole species
    • Agencies devoted to just adding species to list
  3. Criteria for listing endangered species
    • Destruction of habitat
    • Over use of species in sport, academics, science, or commercial use
    • Disease or predation
    • No regulatory mechanisms to prevent the loss of the species
  4. Candidate species
    Those for which the agency has enough information to warrant proposing an endangered or threatened listing
  5. Criteria for listening critical habitat
    • Space for individual and group growth
    • Food, water, light, minerals, air etc
    • Adequate cover or shelter
    • Areas of breeding
    • Protection of disturbances
  6. Recovery Plan
    • Habitat manipulation
    • Habitat acquisition
    • Translocation or reintroduction
    • Captive breeding programs
  7. Management of endangered species
    • Habitat MOST IMPORTANT
    • Population limiting factors (cause specific mortality)
    • Reintroductions
    • Captive Breeding
  8. Population Limiting Factors
    • Genetics
    • Demographics
    • Behavior
    • Physiology
    • Habitat
  9. Reintroduction
    Restoring animals to a former part of their range where they don’t currently occur (Repatriation)
  10. Plans for biological considerations must consider…
    • All aspects of species survival in the release area
    • Characteristics of both organisms and the ecosystem
  11. Effective Population Size
    Number of individuals in population that are breeding
  12. Demographic Considerations
    • Fecundity
    • Mortality
    • Population growth rate
    • Age structure
    • Sex ratio
    • Life expectancy
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