Exam 2

  1. Methyl Alcohol
    wood alcohol used in fuels.
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol
    rubbing alcohol
  3. Ethyl or Ethanol alcohol
  4. Moonshine
    Illegal production of alcohol
  5. Bootlegging
    Illegal transportation of Alcohol
  6. 18th Amendment
    Prohibition 1929-1933
  7. 21st amendment
    repealed prohibition
  8. Fermentation
    • 2-20% alcohol
    • Beers, wines
  9. Distillation
    • 40-50% alcohol
    • Hard liquor, whiskey, vodka
  10. Proof value
    divide the proof in half to get the alcohol content.
  11. Different between women and men when drinking
    different levels of alcohol dehydrogenase and enzymes in stomach that breaks down alcohol.
  12. Synergism
    alcohol with the cross use of other drugs
  13. Part of the brain that alcohol effects
    • Cerebral Cortex and judgement goes first
    • Voluntary muscle control goes next
    • then medulla oblongata heart action and respiration in critical situations.
  14. SCRAM
    Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor
  15. Ways children of alcoholics cope
    • Family hero
    • Scapegoat
    • Lost child
    • Mascot
  16. 3 Cs of an alcoholic loved one
    • I did not Cause the drinking
    • I cannot Cure the drinking
    • I cannot Control the drinking
  17. Alcohol withdraw symptoms
    • Rapid pulse and breathing
    • Gastrointestinal tract upset
    • DTS Delirium Tremens- uncontrollable shaking
  18. Stages of Alcoholism
    • Pre-alcoholic; drinking is part of each day
    • Prodromal; temporary amnesia/blackout period
    • Crucial; problems
    • Chronic; on-going difficulties and loss of control
  19. 3 components of alcoholic disease
    • Agent (alcohol)
    • Host (person)
    • Environment
  20. 3 stages of alcohol or substance treatment
    • detoxification
    • provision of medical care
    • long term behavioral change
  21. Sobriety
    Absence of addictive substance in persons body
  22. Recovery
    The ability to function every day without the substance and stopping the behaviors that lead to use
  23. Sedatives
    used to calm us down
  24. hypnotics
    used to induce sleep
  25. 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act
    drugs must be LABELED
  26. 1914 Harrison Act
    Narcotics can only be handled by doctors.
  27. 1924 Narcotic importing is illegal
    illegal handling of heroin
  28. 1970 Comprehensive Control and Prevention
    Schedule of drugs I-V
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