wound management

  1. Which of the following agents is an antibacterial dressing used for burn patients?
    Silver sulfadiazine
  2. What is the correct order of the stages of would healing?
    inflammation, debridement, repair, maturation
  3. When does wound dehiscence most often occur?
    4-6 days after surgery
  4. Which of the following is the least important factor in wound healing?
    Antibiotic use
  5. Which of the following factors would most likely delay wound healing?
  6. How is a surgical incision into an abscess classified?
  7. A patient was hit by a car and has an abdominal wound heavily contaminated with dirt and gravel. Which of the following techniques is LEAST desirable for lavage?
  8. What is the most important factor in wound irrigation?
    Volume used
  9. Which of the following solutions would be LEAST effective for reducing bacterial populations in a contaminated wound?
    Hydrogen peroxide
  10. Which of the following is NOT recommended for a client providing first aid for a wound prior to transporting their pet to the hospital?
    Cover the wound with Neosporin ointment, then wrap with a bandage
  11. Which of the following would most likely heal by first intention?
    Wound is debrided, then closed
  12. Which of the following factors is most important in determination of whether or not a wound may be closed primarily?
    Degree of Contamination
  13. What degree of burn is a full-thickness of skin?
  14. What is the purpose of a wet to dry bandage?
    all of the above...debridement of wound, prevention of bacterial infection, minimization of scar formation, maintaining moisture of skin to promote wound healing
  15. All the following are indicated when treating an animal with foxtails except
    Extensive suturing
  16. Which of the following would be the best lavage solution?
  17. What substance should be put into a wound prior to clipping the fur?
    K-Y Jelly
  18. Using saline soaked wet to dry bandages while a wound heals usually results in what type of healing?
    Second intention, Secondary Closure
  19. All of the following are purposes of a bandage except
    To reduce scarring
  20. BBD
    Bit By Dog
  21. How soon after injury is wound healing initiated?
  22. Upon injury, a significant increase in wound strength begins to occur
    3 to 5 days
  23. Granulation tissue is made up of new capillaries, ( ) ,and ( ) .
    Fibroblasts; fibrous tissue
  24. The formation of new epithelium on the wound surface generally occurs after ( ) in a sutured wound and ( ) in nonsutured wound.
    24 to 48 hours; 3 to 5 days
  25. If the skin surrounding a wound is very tight and under tension, ( ) , will be limited
    Wound contration
  26. Once a full-thickness layer of skin has formed at the edges of a wound, the process that acts to further reduce the size of the wound is
    Wound contraction
  27. Which statement concering wound healing is most accurate?
    The final phase of wound healing is maturation, which may occur for several years and does not ever regain normal tissue strength
  28. In which of following would a wound heal faster?
    An old healthy animal
  29. After the skin around a laceration has been prepared for surgical repair by clipping the hair and performing a surgical scrub of the area, the veterinary technician should then lavage the wound
    Using a forceful jet of sterile balanced electrolyte solution
  30. Which is not a factor when making a decision about how to treat a wound (i.e. type of closure)?
    Initial treatment of the wound
  31. Allowing a wound to heal completely without surgical closure is known as
    Second-intention healing
  32. Which statement about bandages is TRUE?
    In an exudative wound, a semiocclusive layer is indicated
  33. Apart from obvious complications, an outpatient wearing a cast should be generally checked at least
    Once a week
  34. A large Rottweiler comes in with a fractured tibia at 6 pm. Surgical repair is scheduled for 9 am the following morning. The most appropriate way to manage the fractured leg overnight is to
    Apply a Robert Jones bandage
  35. After performing an ovariohysterectomy on a 6 month old great dane, the veterinarian asks you to apply an abdominal compression bandage. It is noon. You plan to remove the bandage
    At 2 pm
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