Individuals (Section 1)

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  1. Edgar I
    • "King of the Angles"
    • "Emperor and Lord"
  2. Henry V
    Adopted a "closed" crown, explicitly as an "imperial crown".
  3. Henry VII
    England's king at the time of Columbus. Also gave rights to John Cabot.
  4. Henry VIII
    Irish Parliament declared him "King of Ireland".
  5. Queen Mary was married to...
    Phillip II.
  6. Queen Mary was known as the...
    Queen of Scots.
  7. Which female monarch died childless?
    Elizabeth I.
  8. William of Orange dethroned James II in the...
    Glorious Revolution of 1688.
  9. James III
    • James Edward Stuart
    • "Old Pretender".
  10. Charles Edward Stuart
    • Bonnie Prince Charlie
    • "Young Pretender"
  11. Charles V
    Dominion over Austria- and thus the German Empire- with his sovereignty of Spain.
  12. Houtman and Dirckszn
    Arrived at the roadstead of Bantam. (formerly Banten)
  13. Frederick William
    "Great Elector"
  14. "Great Elector"
    Frederick William.
  15. Arkwright
    Waterpowered spinning frame
  16. Cartwright
    Power loom led to a huge rise in productivity.
  17. Prince Henry the Navigator
    Inaugurated the age of empire with its campture of Ceuta in Morocco.
  18. Cabeza de Vaca
    Sailed the gulfs of Mexico and California.
  19. Juan Cabrillo
    San Francisco Bay.
  20. Bartolome Ferrelo
    Went as far north as Oregon.
  21. Hernando de Soto
    Discovered the Mississippi.
  22. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
    North as Kansas and Colorado.
  23. Juan Ponce de Leon
    Established a military base in Florida named St. Augustine.
  24. Joao Fagundes
    Obtained royal permission to establish a colony on the Grand Banks of NewFOOTland.
  25. Giovanni de Verrazzano
    Sponsored by Francis I, explored North American's coast from South Carolina to Newfoundland.
  26. Jacques Cartier of St. Malo
    Sailed the St. Lawrence River as far as Montreal.
  27. Nicolas Durand
    "Chevalier de Villegagnon" established a Huguenot colony on an island off Rio de Janeiro.
  28. Gaspard Coligny
    Killed in the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre of Protesttants in 1572.
  29. John Calvin
    Selected 14 Genevans for the Rio Colony.
  30. Jean Ribault
    Formed another Huguenot settlement: Charlesfort.
  31. Charlesfort would later be known as...
    Port Royal Sound, South Carolina.
  32. Rene de Laudonniere
    Fomerly Ribault's deputy.
  33. Marquis de la Roche
    Breton merchant, received a patend to found a base on Sable Island -> penatrate Acadia and hunt seal and walrus.
  34. Pierre du Guast, Comte de Monts.
    Obtained a patent as lieutenant-governor of Acadia, Canada. Settled at St. Croix Island (now Dochet Island)
  35. Richard Hore
    Him and his crew were reduced to cannibalism.
  36. John Hawkins
    England's first major slave trader.
  37. John Rut
    First known full reconnaissance of North America's easten seaboard.
  38. Ferdinand Magellan
    Rounded Cape Horn and proved that there was a south-west passage to Asia at the bottom of South America.
  39. John Cabot
    His small crew of 18 aboard the Matthew landed at the mariner called 'new found land'.
  40. Francis Drake
    "El Diablo" to the Spanish, he led the Golden Hind, and attacked Spanish ships and settlements near the Isthmus of Panama.
  41. Richard Greenville
    Established the settlement of Roanoke.
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