11/08/11 Africa notes

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  1. what is the culture of the North Africa?
  2. What culture is North Africa similiar to?
    the Middle East
  3. What languages are considered semitic languages?
    • Hebrew
    • Arabic
  4. What was the ancient culture of North Africa?
  5. What religion swept through and changed the culture of North Africa?
  6. Where in North Africa may there still be some Hamites culture?
    the Sahara
  7. What are two different regions of Africa?
    • Saharan
    • Sub-Saharan
  8. How many miles long is Africa from top to bottom?
    5,000 miles
  9. How many miles is it across Africa from hump to horn?
    5,000 miles
  10. What divides Africa right in the middle?
  11. What is the climate of most of Africa?
    the tropics
  12. What are the tropics that engulf most of Africa?
    • the tropic of Cancer
    • the tropic of Capricorn
  13. What are the very top and very bottom climates of Africa?
  14. What is the theory for why Africa doesn't have a coastline
    • continental drift
    • Africa was the center piece of a much larger continent and all the coastlines broke off
  15. What was the name of the large continent that Africa was originally thought to be a part of?
    Gondqana Land
  16. What continents would have been part of Gondqana Land?
    • Africa
    • South America
    • Australia
    • Antarctica
  17. What kind of bowl is Africa like?
    one big inverted bowl
  18. how many water falls are there on the Congo from the coastal city to Kinshasa?
    154 falls
  19. What is another name for a waterfall?
  20. How many miles is it from the coastal city to Kinshasa by way of the Congo?
    150 miles
  21. How many cataracts on on the Nile?
  22. What do the falls help with in Africa?
    hydroelectric power
  23. where are there high pressure zones in Africa?
    • The top and the bottom
    • the Sahara
    • The Gobi
  24. where is there low pressure zone in Africa?
    the tropical rain forest in the middle
  25. what kinds of animals do they have in the rain forest?
    birds, monkeys, bugs big enough to carry you away
  26. What explorer went to the southern tip of Africa and named it the cape of storms?
    Bartholomew Diaz
  27. What name did they change the cape of storms to?
    the cape of good hope
  28. why did the Portuguese change the name from cape of storms to the cape of good hope?
    so more people would want to go there
  29. What is the weather like in the savanna?
    6 months wet 6 months dry
  30. what grows in the savanna?
    tall grasses and scrubby looking trees
  31. what is the name of an animal that only eats plants?
  32. What animals only eat other animals?
  33. characteristics of the Bangal tiger?
    • 450 pounds
    • 11 feet long
    • walks like your house cat
  34. What happens to the people of the Sahal?
    thousands die every year from starvation
  35. what is the problem with it always being hot in Africa?
    disease grows easily
  36. Where is disease most rampant in Africa?
    • the tropical rain forest
    • hot and moist
  37. how many different kinds of malaria are there?
    7 different kinds
  38. What different diseases exist in Africa?
    • malaria
    • the plague
    • water-born diseases
    • sleeping sickness
    • AIDS
    • E-boli
  39. How is the plague transferred?
    • lice
    • tiny insects
    • rodents
  40. what is sleeping sickness
    • your skull can't hold your swelling brain
    • carried by the tsetse fly
  41. What insect carries the sleeping sickness?
    the tsetse fly
  42. what does the tsetse fly look like?
    a grasshopper
  43. why can't you just spray the tsetse flies?
    they burrow in the ground when they sense danger
  44. Where did AIDS come from?
    cattle in Africa
  45. What are they doing with E-boli that they didn't do with AIDS?
    they are trying to contain it
  46. Where do Anthropologists place the first human beings?
    East Africa
  47. What countries are suggested by anthropologists for the evolution of the first human beings?
    • Ethiopia
    • Kenya
    • Tanzania
  48. Where were the bones that are claimed to be 4 million years old found?
  49. Where are the bones that are claimed to be 6 million years old found?
  50. where did the oldest people in Africa migrate to?
    central Africa
  51. What people from central Africa are related to the oldest people in the world?
    the Bushman
  52. Why was Africa the last continent to be explored even though it was right next to Europe and the Middle East?
    • There's no good place to go in
    • the top is the Sahara, then you hit the tropical rain forest, then another desert
    • not to mention all the falls on the rivers inland
  53. What is the Sahara the same size as?
    the US
  54. What were a couple nicknames for the coast of Africa?
    • the coast of death
    • White man's graveyard
  55. how many tribes do they have in Africa?
    over 900 tribes
  56. What did the Europeans think about the tribes of Africa?
    that they were primitive and pagan
  57. What are some wonderful civilizations of Africa?
    • Egypt
    • the kingdom of Kush
    • Ethiopia
  58. What were the Ethiopians called in the bible?
  59. What was the oldest civilization in the world?
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