Management 10

  1. human resource planning
    ensure organization has the right number and kinds of capable people in the right places and at the right times; assesing curent and planning future
  2. job analysis
    assessment that defines jobs and the behaviors necessary to perform them
  3. job description
    written statement that defines job
  4. job specification
    written statement of the minimum qualifications that a person must possess to perform a given job successfully
  5. recruitment
    locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants
  6. derecruitment
    reducing an organizations workforce
  7. performance simulation tests
    • use acutal job-behaviors
    • work sampling
    • assessment center
  8. realistic job preview
    a preview of a job that provides both positive and negative informationon the job and company
  9. orientation
    education that intorduces a new employee to his or her job and the organization
  10. performance management system
    a system that establishes performance standards that are used to evaluate employee performanace
  11. downsizing
    planned elimination of jobs from an organization
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