Course 9 Vol 1 003

  1. What three core objectives steer our national Security Strategy?
    The three core objectives are enhancing our own security, promoting democracy abroad, and bolstering America's economic prosperity.
  2. What is the primary focus of National Security Strategy?
    National Security Stategy primarily focuses on the myriad of military threats that the nation must confront.
  3. When was Airlift first used as a mechanism for National Security?
    According to Major Richard J. Hazdra, USAF, in the book, Air Mobility - The key to the United States National Security Strategy, Airlift was first used as a tool of National Security through the Berlin Airlift
  4. Which command soley provides Air Mobility for the United States?
    Air Mobility Command
  5. How is National Security beneficial to National Strategy?
    National Security Strategy is an extension of National Security. National Security is utilizing Air Mobility resources effectively by adhering to the National Security Strategy. This encourages prevention and limitations of terrorist activity.
  6. Identify the three catagories relative to determining a nation's needs and interests.
    In the book, Making Stategy - An Introduction to National Security Processes and Problems, Donald Nuechterlein provides a useful way of distinguishing between various interests. The three catagories are how crucial is an interest to the United States, how vital is an interest ot the United States, and which basic interest is at stake?
  7. Who is responsible for determining the nation's needs and interests?
    Strategies must weigh heavily the nations needs and interest. The process entails determining what interests and what national instruments of power are available and applicable.
  8. Identify the four levels of intensity.
    The four levels of insity are survival, vital, major, and peripheral.
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