1. Facilities management
    the obtaining and maintaining of adequate work space and funeral equipment
  2. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
    a federal statute prohibiting discrimination against the disabled in employment, public transportation, telecommunications services, and public accommodations and services operated by private entities
  3. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
    federal legislation that mandates that employers provide a workplace that is free from hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm
  4. Fractional display
    use of portions of caskets (1/2, 1/4, 1/8) in the selection room versus full sized caskets
  5. Foot candles
    the amount of illumination produced by a source of one candle at a distance of one foot
  6. Direct lighting
    illumination directly shining on an object
  7. Indirect lighting
    reflected illumination of an object
  8. Fluorescent Lighting
    the illumination produced by a tubular electric discharge lamp;

    the fluorescence of phosphors coating the inside of a tube
  9. Incandescent lighting
    the illumination resulting from the flowing of a heated filament
  10. Church truck
    a wheeled collapsible support for the casket, used in the funeral home, church, or home
  11. Casket stand

    Casket standard
    the stand or support upon which a casket rests in the selection room
  12. Casket rack
    a device upon which caskets are placed, on on top of the other, for display or storage
  13. Consecutive method
    placing caskets for selection in their order or increasing or decreasing value
  14. Demonstration group

    Educational group
    three or four caskets utilized to educate the seleting party regarding the elements of casket construction
  15. Zoning ordinances
    a law passed by a municipality which regulates and prescribes the kind of building, residences, or businesses that shall be built and used in different parts of the municipality
  16. Office management
    the administration and supervision of office duties and functions
  17. Risk
    a condition in which there is a possibility of an adverse deviation from a desired outcome that is expected or hoped for
  18. Burglary
    the forcible breaking and entering of premises closed for business with the subsequent removal of cash or merchandise
  19. Insurance
    uneventful protection for the small business or small business owner in regards to monetary compensation in the even that a business and/or personal peril is experienced
  20. Key-person life insurance
    life insurance that protects a firm against losses due to the death of a key employee
  21. Buy-sell life insurance
    insurance on an owner of a business that will supply enough money for a partner to buy his share of the busines on death
  22. Business interruption insurance
    an insurance that protects companies during the period necessary to restore property damaged by an insured peril. Coverage pays for lost income and other expenses related to recovery
  23. Product liability insurance
    insurance that protects a firm against claims that its product caused bodily injury or property damage to the user
  24. Casualty insurance
    insurance that provides monetary benefits to a business that has experienced an unforeseen peril such as flood, fire, etc.
  25. Credit insurance
    insurance that protects non-retailing businesses from abnormal bad-debt losses
  26. General liability insurance
    insurance covering business liability to customers who might be injured on or off premises or from the product sold to them
  27. Liability insurance
    insurance that covers business liability to customers and others who might be injured from the product sold to them
  28. Self-insurance
    a form of risk management whereby a part of the firm's earnings is earmarked as a contingency fund for possible future losses, specifically for individual loss categories such as property, medical, or worker's compensation
  29. Life insurance
    insurance that provides death benefits to the survivors of the insured
  30. Endowment life insurance
    life insurance that allows the insured, rather than the beneficiary, to collect the face value of the policy upon maturity or to collect that value in annual payments
  31. Term life insurance
    life insurance that has no cash value whenever the policy expires
  32. Whole life insurance
    life insurance that gives lifetime protections to the insured person
  33. Universal life insurance
    a combination of whole insurance and term life insurance
  34. Coinsurance clause
    a clause in an insurance policy under which the insured agrees to maintain insurance equal to some specified percentage of the property value or otherwise to assume a portion of any loss
  35. Deductible clause
    insurance policy provision that makes the insurer liable only for losses in excess of the stated deductible
  36. Risk management
    all efforts designed to preserve assets and earning power associated with a business
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