1. Short (DISTANCE)
    - small in length, distance or height
    • Adj
    • - Thấp, lùn
    • + Her hair is much shorter than it used to be.
    • + It's only a short walk to the station.
    • + I'm quite short but my brother's very tall.
  2. Medium (VALUE)
    being in the middle between an upper and lower amount, size, degree or value:
    • Adj
    • + a girl of medium height
    • + a medium-sized book
  3. Height
    + t
    he distance from the top to the bottom of something, or the quality of being tall:
    • Adj
    • - cao
    • +The sheer height of New York's skyscrapers is so impressive.
    • + She's about average height (= neither short nor tall).
  4. Tall
    of more than average height, or of a particular height:
    • Adj
    • + cao
    • a tall girla tall building
    • +He's six feet tall.
    • + She's much taller than me.
  5. Thin (NOT THICK)
    + having a small distance between two opposite sides:
    a thin book
    + thin black linesa
    + thin jacket (= made from thin material).
    • Adj
    • + mỏng mảnh, mảnh rẻ, mảnh khảnh
    • + thưa thớt, lưa thưa
  6. Slim (THIN)
    + (especially of people) attractively thin
    + slim hips/legs
    +She's got a lovely slim figure.
    • Adj
    • + mảnh khảnh, mảnh dẻ, thon, không béo
  7. Fat (BIG) /f{t/ adjective fatter, fattest
    + 1 having a lot of flesh on the
    body: Like most women, she thinks she's
    fat. I have horrible fat thighs.
    He eats all the time but he never gets
    + 2 thick or large: He lifted a fat volume down from the shelf. Some producers of mineral water have made fat
    + She is not slim now. She is too fat
    • Adj
    • + béo
  8. Wavy
    + having a series of curves:
    + I love her wavy hair.
    + Sarah's got lovely wavy blond hair.
    • Adj
    • + gợn sóng
  9. Curly
    + having curls or a curved shape:
    + He has blond curly hair.
    + These pigs all have curly tails.
    • Adj
    • + xoăn (tóc)
  10. Straight (NOT CURVING)
    + continuing in one direction without bending or curving:
    + a straight line
    + She's got straight blonde hair.
    + Skirts this summer are long and straight.
    • Adj
    • + thẳng thắn, không cong
  11. Clever
    having or showing the ability to learn and understand things quickly and easily
    + Fiona is very clever at physics.
    + Charlie has a clever idea/plan for getting us out of our present difficulties.
    • Adj
    • + thông minh
  12. Rich (MONEY)
    + having a lot of money or valuable possessions:
    + He's the third richest man in Britain.
    + They're one of the world's richest nations.
    + He is determined to get rich quickly.
    • Adj
    • + giàu
  13. Poor (NO MONEY)
    + having little money and/or few possessions:
    + Most of the world's poorest countries are in Africa.
    + He came from a poor immigrant family.
    • Adj
    • + nghèo
  14. Lager
    + big in size or amount:
    + a large house
    + the world's largest computer manufacturer
    + We need a larger car.
    + We didn't expect such a large number of people to attend the concert.
    • Adj
    • + rộng, lớn
  15. Small (LIMITED)
    + limited in size or amount when compared with what is typical or average:
    + a small dog/house/car/country
    + I'd rather live in a small town than a big city.
    • Adj
    • + nhỏ
  16. Expensive
    + costing a lot of money:
    + Rolls Royces are very expensive.
    + Big houses are expensive to maintain
    • Adj
    • + đắt
  17. Cheap
    + costing little money or less than is usual or expected:
    + I got a cheap flight at the last minute.
    + Food is usually cheaper in supermarkets.
    + Children and the elderly are entitled to cheap train tickets.
    • Adj
    • + rẻ
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