Chp 16,17 & 18

  1. affidavit
    sworn statement of fact
  2. bill of sale
    legal document that transfers ownership to real property
  3. assessment
    sum of money owed by a condominium owner for monthly upkeep
  4. condominium plat
    plat or survey of condominium acts
  5. condominium
    form of property ownership in which the owner owns an individual unit
  6. condominium association
    governing body of a condominium
  7. time share
    form of ownership of real property in which an owner owns the property for a short period
  8. assignment
    with regard to a lease, it is when a tenant transfers all his or her interest
  9. commercial lease
    a lease for the possession and use of a business or commercial enterprise
  10. estoppel certificate
    written statement signed by either a landlord or tenant
  11. lease
    legal document that transfers possession of real property from one party to another
  12. lease guaranty
    a legal document that obligates the maker of the document to perform the obligations
  13. landlord or lessor
    generally the owner of real property possession
  14. subrogation
    right to be substituted to the rights of another person
  15. tenant or leasee
    person who recieves possession and use of property pursuant to a lease
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Chp 16,17 & 18
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